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The Pinoy Eco-Friendly Farming Blog

Is not farming green by default?

Farming, apparently, has ceased to be all eco-friendly or "green" ever since the invention of artificial or laboratory produced farming aids (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.). The traditional farmer is close to extinction---well, at least not here, but in the more industrialized countries. Industrial agriculture is a term often used to describe the more modern variety of farming, and it isn't really all negative. The benefits are numerous. One will find out when they research further on the topic. The ill effects are numerous, however, as well. Again, one has to research even more deeply into the topic.

I am fortunate to have met an advocate for a greener and more sustainable way of farming. I would also like you to meet him---through his blogsite. Ed is the name and he is our PinoyEcoFarmer. Click on the link and explore with him the ways to bringing back the good things in good old natured gardening. There is much we can learn from and with him.


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Iwas PapuToxic New Year

Popped, blasted fingers are not the only sort of harm you'll be exposed to by lighting up firecrackers this coming New Year. The   Ecowaste Coalition together with 1,650 students from Marcelo H. Del Pilar Elementary School and beauty queens from Ms. Earth Foundation, will hold an event to raise public awareness on the health and environmental hazards of blasting firecrackers as part of their “Toxics-Free Paskong Pinoy and New Year” campaign, the

“Iwas PapuToxic”

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Philippines’ First Ever Green Lifestyle Magazine

Not long ago, I wrote about an interesting emergent trend, a classified socio-cultural phenomenon, if you ask me: I’m referring to the greening of Philippine printed media: See Green Issues Everywhere and Why It’s Good for Us.

I have shown in a mini photo mosaic a number of Philippine-published magazines which carry green, earth-friendly, eco-friendly or some other equivalent text in their issue covers. These magazines vary very much: there’s a car magazine in Top Gear Philippines; there’s a women’s lifestyle magazine in Stella; there’s an entrepreneurship magazine in Kwentong Negosyo; there’s a Philippine politics and economy magazine in BizNewsAsia; there’s a Philippine Architecture magazine in BluPrint; there’s a real estate magazine focusing on Condominums in the Philippines in CondoLiving; and there’s Philippine Interior Design and Home Building in 3 magazines (DepotHome, Homestyle and MetroHome).

What I’m excited about now is what could be the culmination of this observable development in Philippine print media --- the launching of the Philippines’ first ever green lifestyle magazine, G Mag.



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