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FLOW: SurfYogaSamba Goes Raw

The long holiday weekend is coming and it's high time we make plans. Where should we be off to? The GREEN LIFESTYLE is FUN and not just enriching (as if that isn't enough). Go see what our friends have come up with for us:

FLOW:SurfYogaSamba Goes Raw
a surf yoga samba and raw food weekend retreat



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Boracay, Ecotourism, What Is and What Should Be


Roselle C. Tenefrancia, a lawyer, travel writer, and photographer presented a paper on Boracay in the last World Ecotourism Conference in Malaysia (July 8010, 2010). She shares what she's written here. 

“Hardly has a last paradise been discovered than everyone converges on it so fast that it quickly becomes a paradise lost.” – it's originally a quote about another famous beach, but could very well have been written for Boracay.

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Spark Eco Holidays

Let's be wary of greenwashing but be on the look for genuine green endeavors. I saw this ad for an eco-holiday in Olango, Cebu in Facebook. "Vacation with a heart. Reverse the trend for one day," it says. The resort company is supporting the clean-up drive and mangrove planting. How can one help? Take a vacation. That is really appealing. See poster graphic below for the details.

Green resorts
 Visit their website:

Eco-Recreation Park Weekends: Phillip's Sanctuary

I woke up too early for a Saturday --- 4 a.m.! Am I just too excited for my weekend to begin?

I'm really looking forward to going back to Phillip's Sanctuary in the Pestano Farm in the Antipolo mountains. Since, I can't can't get my zzzz's back, I decided to upload the last week's photos here.

One need not be a mountain biker to enjoy the place. I am so new to mountain biking myself; but truly enjoyed the place. You'll have a very good idea why seeing these pictures.


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Eco World 2010 Singapore

The Night Safari, Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park, the Zoological Gardens, the Formula 1Grand Prix, and a few more places are in mind, making me think of a return trip to Singapore. This would be the first time, Faith, now 5 yrs. old, and my mom, 61, can join me. The 1st time I went there, I was with my wife. The last time, I was with my officemates. I still might have considered another place, had it not for this event, I deemed, I must attend --- The 2010 Eco World Singapore.


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Nature Hikes and Love Trysts

"Love relationships" start with the getting to know process. Seeing and in many ways "sensing" are musts for one to capture another one's mind or heart. It is also true with nature. One will be clueless about nature-loving if all they've known all their life are the man-made spaces. "Love at first sight" is not rare for man-and-nature trysts. 


I encourage you to consider going on nature excursions, treks, hikes, camp-outs. Consider those exercises as "dating. Consider these, thus, as my dating tips:

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Green Outdoor Family Activities in Las Haciendas


This is one of my family's favorite weekend getaway destinations. Ironic, since I used to work here; thus technically, it's not really getting away. I was fortunate, thus, to have had that job. Consider this, then, as some sort of spilling of some insider's secrets.

What and how should you enjoy the numerous natural and man-made amenities in Las Haciendas? This photo blog will answer those and many more questions.

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