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Why Say NO to Bottled Water

Why say NO to bottled water?

I have the answers here. I got them from one of my favorite story tellers. They're , perhaps, the best animation creators on good life lessons next to PIXAR --- Free Range Studios. Well, perhaps not as good as PIXAR technically or aesthetically; but hey, it's all for FREE. They share all these stories to teach us some very valuable lessons. They're non-commercial---so non-commercial in fact that they may vex or slight many would-be sponsors in their clips but would not care.

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Designers Greener by Design Bluprinted

There is much the general public should learn about this profession. I read the current issue of BluPrint and am now more educated about it.

"LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is the GREENEST of professions because sustainability is the very essence of working with the land to create spaces for people to use and enjoy." Editor-in-chief, Arch. Paulo Alcazaren opens. This he writes as often Landscape Architecture is dismissed as “glorified gardening”. He hopes that a lot of the misconceptions will be cleared, and much of the unknowns will be revealed  in this issue. 


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Earth Hour Song

A day to go to the Earth Hour. Is there any one in your office, school, family or neighborhood who still haven't heard of tomorrow's big event...and its significance? Do tell them about Earth Hour. Let us try doing our share spreading the word.

"If we try" is a song playing in my head right now.

"We can make this world much better
 We can do it if we give it a try
 Cause we’re in this thing together
 You and I
 We can be the difference
 If we only try...
For this hour at night
 Turn off your light
 A symbol that I can change
 On the inside..."

It is the song of this year's Earth Hour. Thanks to WWF and the talented people who helped create the song and the lyrics. Thanks to the singers. Thanks also to KatKaterz who made this video.

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Pinoy Green Blogger Writes for Gen G


I have always felt I'm part of this generation, Gen G, more than I do the Gen X. When the magazine, Gen G, was launched I was there, and have followed each succeeding issue with keen anticipation. There's affinity to what they write about and what I write about. Affinity is kinship, and is home. I am glad that when I did get to write officially for the magazine, the theme is HOME, GREEN HOME. That is my home turf. I am, after all, a builder of homes, by profession.

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