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Cory Aquino and Ponderings on the Filipinos' Lives and Causes

2 year ago, on a rainy morning, coffee cup on hand, I wrote these words, as I sat watching footage of a funeral. 

I was once asked, “what one article did you write that can sum up the character of Pinoy Green Academy?” This is what I chose, precisely what I wrote then, and I again share:

The Filipino Worth Greening For
by Dennis Morada

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Facebook Pinoy Green Game App

As Facebook has become the most popular online destination for most of us, there's no better venue to teach earth-friendly habits.

I just read in today's Philstar Science and Technology section that a one of the Philippines' leading companies is launching the Alter Space Game as a game app in Facebook. This means "teach" here gets a less academic approach as learning is done through fun games. I'm excited to try the games out. It says in the article that the games tackle lessons in reducing one's carbon footprint, using cleaner and renewable source of energy, and similar eco-friendly topics.

Watch out for its launch. Its fan page is If you want to read more about it, do visit the Philippine Star website: New Filipino Made Facebook Game ...

Super Green Hero

"GO PLANET!," and out comes the hero, Captain Planet, to save the day...and yes, the planet.

I was 20 already then when the cartoon series came out; and thus, did not appreciate it as much as I did my childhood superheroes (Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc.). 20 years after, though, in our age, when harm to the earth is more apparent in climate change, I have become more appreciative of what power the series has.


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