Pinoy Green Heroes

Cory Aquino and Ponderings on the Filipinos' Lives and Causes

2 year ago, on a rainy morning, coffee cup on hand, I wrote these words, as I sat watching footage of a funeral. 

I was once asked, “what one article did you write that can sum up the character of Pinoy Green Academy?” This is what I chose, precisely what I wrote then, and I again share:

The Filipino Worth Greening For
by Dennis Morada

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Brightest Upcycling Idea I Know

The term "upcycling" may still be new to many of us. Simply put: it is an improved way of recycling. In upcycling one does not just give new life to something that is already deemed useless or considered a waste material; but one gives it a better life. It is all about adding value. Negative to positive. Trash to treasure.


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Jungle Jim, Environmental Enforcer

By Jeannie Javelosa 
(reprinted from The Philippine Star)

On a recent trip I took to Palawan, Atty. Bobby Chan—an alternative lawyer—showed us a rather strange collection. There were chainsaws, fish and dolphin spears, homemade shotguns, commercial fishing nets, knives, and hacks. 200 of these items were under lock and key. His collection is a testimony to this courageous advocacy for protecting the rainforests, mangroves, and fishing reserves of Palawan.

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Green Fuel and Green Energy Lawmaker in the News

Most Filipinos have a love-and-hate relationship with politics; I included. I love to say, “I hate politics.”

There are good things that come off politics, though; I have to admit, like good green laws. A few of these have been authored by Senator Miguel Zubiri --- the landmark Biofuels Act, the Wildlife Conservation Act, the Clean Water Act, and the latest, the Renewable Energy Act.



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Odette, Ondoy, and Our Planet Earth

Our sympathies and prayers go to all the victims of the calamity.

I learned only last Friday about Ms. Odette Alcantara’s passing away. I meant to post immediately my condolences Saturday morning. I never got to. Much of what she tried to teach or plainly tell us about the earth and the caring for it, reverberated with truth this past few days. It’s a painful truth and a painful way of truth-telling. Nature itself speaks much louder than any of us or even louder than all of us.

Odette and many like her, lend their voices, and their hours, and their many acts of kindnesses to humanity and to our earth which God so entrusted to us; but only a few take notice and take heed.

Sad to send sympathies with much sadness. There is no other way with sympathies, I guess. There is no other way with messages as well. Messages to be fully understood must be fully experienced, I guess.

To Ms. Odette, we heard you and we’ll take heed. Your life has found meaning in your meaning for life to endure and be enjoyed by the generations after ours.


MARIKINA River Photo September 28. Search and clearning operations after Ondoy ravaged much of Marikina, Cainta, Pasig, and pretty much all of the NCR. Spray-painted graffitti says it all.

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Green Issues in Philippine Magazines

Two more "green" issues are on the stands, presently. They are good "green" reads. The one on the left is Gen G magazine: the very first installment of the very first "green living" magazine in the Philippines. The one on the right is BizNews Asia Vol. 7 No. 21.


Why are they good "green" reads?

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The Filipino Worth Greening For


The same people worth dying for are worth living for.

I pause, in the midst of much outpouring of love and remorse, and think of our lives and our causes.

How much of this love is love for the nation: for we mourn for loss of one, who loved the nation, and done exceedingly beyond wild expectations?

How much love has caused the improbable possible: a widow, inexperienced, politically untainted, could muster much strength, and grit, and courage; but for faith?

How much hope and inspiration could be lost, and gained, and again, lost, and regained in the lives lost of our heroes?

I pause, in the midst of much mourning and reminiscing, and think of our lives and our causes.

How much of the life we lived could find meaning: more than any heroic deaths, for the day to day that’s given us, is time more than enough for our defining?

How much of the gifts received are shared or given out: we’re blessed often beyond our satisfaction and beyond our appreciation? Can we give a bit, a little, some, much, or all we can bear to give? The source of all gifts, the Giver, has resources beyond exhaustion. Do we give off His palms? 

Do we ever know the time or sum to share or give back out? When we have enough for ourselves, or like the widow in the temple, when we have but ourselves?

I pause, in the midst of thinking, and write: I shall for the nation be the Filipino, the Maker, surely would want me to be: a good father and husband, teacher, builder, entrepreneur, and through this academy, a steward of a healthy earth.

The Filipino worth dying for and worth living for, to me, is worth greening for.





In honor of President Cory Aquino (1933-2009)




For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

JOHN 3:16



Clean and Green and Messy

You read it right. They do go together; with Messy being Messy Bessy, the social entrepreneurial venture responsible for the safe, biodegradable, toxic-free, all natural-ingredient-based line of household cleaning products.


Messy Bessy could very well be my wife’s new best friend. She first met, err or saw the products in Echostore. As most husbands would attest, wives are the more precocious shopper. They take time --- lots of it, in fact --- to scrutinize the merchandise inside and outside. They read the labels through, it seems, like men would the dailies’ comic strips: with fond fascination and much interest, curiously.

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