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FLOW: SurfYogaSamba Goes Raw

The long holiday weekend is coming and it's high time we make plans. Where should we be off to? The GREEN LIFESTYLE is FUN and not just enriching (as if that isn't enough). Go see what our friends have come up with for us:

FLOW:SurfYogaSamba Goes Raw
a surf yoga samba and raw food weekend retreat



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Living the Green Life: One Big Dream

Learning to live a green life by reading about it is so much different from learning it by actually living it.

Much as we would like to say we are doing both, our efforts pale compared to what this family is doing. Inspiring and intriguing, their online journals walk us through the real joys and challenges of living the life amidst nature, under the tenets of sustainability. Sustainability is all about securing the future of our kids through responsible utilization of our earth’s finite resources. On their own words:

“…we venture into the unknown hoping to simplify things yet live abundantly… Our ultimate goal is self-sustainabilty: Being able to live blissfully by the workings of our own hands, working hand-in-hand with nature…”


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Homeschooling : Eco-friendly and More

At about the same time I started this blog last year, we started homeschooling our 4-year old. I, initially, would like to share how homeschooling is earth-friendly; but that, I decided, is easy enough for everyone to deduce. So, let me digress a bit from what is "green" to highlight the other good things we found in homeschooling. Truth is, it being "earth-friendly" was a minor consideration for us. Value and character formation, especially in this precarious stage, were our foremost concerns. 

I also planned to keep an online journal of our experiences; but we're kept busy enough lesson planning and teaching (among other regular tasks) that our blogsite didn't make it to the world wide web. Here then are two of my supposed posts that I'd share to parents out there considering homeschooling as an option.


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Green Lifestyle: Going to Market, Cooking Healthy, and Growing Herbs

Tips. Tips. Tips.

"I need tips on how to do this "green living" thing." Many are they who want to go beyond curious and conscious. We, in our family, have been on a learning journey for months; but can't say we know it all or have done it all that we know are good and green. We've got a pile of magazines and books to teach us; but we'd be happy if there's a demo or workshop version of those. We are, thus, mighty pleased to know that Jhoey Hernandez of Pinoy Organics and Feed 5000 are organizing an event to help out address our more hands-on learning needs.

Try. Try. Try.

So what have they prepared for us?

photos by Pinoy Organics

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