Green Rides & Drives

Segueing to Segwaying Green Fun

The topics of climate change and our drive to everything green and sustainable do sometimes seem to veer too the dull and drab. Not many would like to read about impending disasters, and more so about the science of it. If it does become a challenge to read about these stuff, how much more will it be so to write about them, and undergo the research for that writing process, day in and day out?

One should have the passion. One should believe in the importance of what one does. I think I have the "fire," and it burned bright for months, until the "oxygen" seemed to have thinned out. Oh, did I need air to rekindle the passion!

Early this year, we were fortunate enough to attend Ecoworld Singapore 2010. It was a great time to have some R&R with my family, as well. Universal Studios just opened; and I heard, there are a lot of cool and fun new things to enjoy in Sentosa.


One of these cool and fun new things just happened to be GREEN; and so therefore I just had to try it out. It's the GO GREEN SEGWAY. It made the headline a few years back --- one of the most commercially hyped innovations in the past decade. I will venture no further to its commercial success (or otherwise) nor to the technical wizardry behind it. Anyway, you can easily google about it or look it up in wikipedia.

I'd rather go light and just write about the sheer delight of this segue of a green experience.


Since I went to the Ecoworld open-to-the-public expo in the morning, I just caught up with my family in Sentosa in the afternoon. There's the intense summer heat; thus we first went to the indoor shows and amenities. It was when we're already nearing sunset that I decided to try out the Jackie Chan - endorsed Go Green Segway. There was a choice between the S$12 fun ride and the S$38 guided eco tour. I chose to play it safe and scrimp. Anyway, I've done the ecotour around Sentosa using my own "go green" leg power already before. Good choice, as it got dark soon after. Though there's electric lighting around the ecopark, none can replace natural sun light to enjoy the greens, and yellows, and all the other colors and hues, too.

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Green Ride for a Change

The Green Ride is organized by the SM Group and the Firefly Brigade to pre-launch the bicycle parking system being proposed by the Firefly Brigade.


 This is a bicycle parade to promote bicycle parking for malls. There will be a photo documentation, short ride, program with lots of raffle prizes from the SM Malls and it’s affiliate sponsors namely Fitness First, Rudy Project, EPSON, Subway, Surplus, Pocari Sweat and more.

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Eco-Recreation Park Weekends: Phillip's Sanctuary

I woke up too early for a Saturday --- 4 a.m.! Am I just too excited for my weekend to begin?

I'm really looking forward to going back to Phillip's Sanctuary in the Pestano Farm in the Antipolo mountains. Since, I can't can't get my zzzz's back, I decided to upload the last week's photos here.

One need not be a mountain biker to enjoy the place. I am so new to mountain biking myself; but truly enjoyed the place. You'll have a very good idea why seeing these pictures.


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Learn to Fly with the Fireflies

The most amazing, wonderful nature discovery for me as a child, perhaps for many children, way back then, is that of those moving twinkling lights in the night sky. They could've been stars, and I might have wished something, seeing them then shoot so; but no they are not, as one can almost grasp them. They are fireflies, grown-ups told me. How do they produce the light? Do they carry mini flashlights? Have they got electricity in their bodies? Are they not so fair, they could've been the inspiration for the tales on fairies?

I could only relate this to my 4-year old daughter. She has yet to see one. Where have all the fireflies gone?

Progress was good to our cities in many ways; but in many ways as well, in some ways even without us knowing, progress was not good at all. The air that surrounds us is dirtier than it ever was. The fireflies have fled these unclean air as these are not their habitat. Their home is where they can live, fly and breathe freely.  

Firefly brigade

A group of grown-ups, who once upon their childhood, also made the amazing, wonderful discovery of the fireflies, bonded together to form what is now popularly known as the Firefly Brigade.

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