Green Pinoy Product

Many Thanks From the Many Grateful

I am one of the many grateful; and yet also one of those they thanked. There are many thanks that go around in the green community, as many of them, simply, are the most generous and gracious people around.

I got an email earlier today from Amu'in Wellness. It is one of the growing number of Philippine enterprises that:

  • patronize the local industries and the local agriculture
  • use organic , safe, non-toxic ingredients
  • provide jobs to the often ill-opportuned
  • give back to the community , and 
  • adapts earth-friendly and sustainable practices in their operations


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Green Philippine Product: Leyende

The legend of a beautiful skin line is told. Not so long ago, there was this young Filipina, who out of need and desire, produced skin care products out of organic, health-safe ingredients. Quite pleased was she with the results of her hardwork and creativity. Not only does she write good poetry; she now could, also, make many others pretty, healthy pink and prim. The many --- the likewise pleased---spread the word, and the once little beauty line grew in renown. Leyende is the name she bestowed on her brand, for true and apt, a legend is being written through her handiwork. 


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Green Philippine Product: Plantex

Plantex Solution Manufacturing Corporation is young Philippine company which I expect to grow and hope to grow as they espouse good, green, and godly values. Their product design and their marketing and distribution programs benefit the consumers, the sellers, and the environment. 


All their products use natural plant extracts and are without the toxic, harmful chemicals we all are wary of. Unknown to many, some of the ingredients used in common soaps, detergents and cleansers are harmful, some even are suspected to be carcinogens.   Some of these ingredients likewise contaminate and pollute our rivers, soils, and ground water. 

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Green Philippine Product: Beansprout Bags


A week before Christmas and many of us are cramming to make and fulfill our gift lists. May I suggest that we think earth-friendly this Christmas. Try not to buy gifts that :

  • will not find much use and will that occupy storage and later dumpsite space
  • contain harmful, toxic materials (like toys with lead paint)
  • are made of plastic that takes eons to biodegrade
Instead, consider gifts that:

  • promote or encourage green living
  • are made of non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable materials
  • supports local livelihood projects
  • useful and pleasing

Since, most likely, you'll have a looong list, affordability, I'm sure, is also a concern. May I suggest then the eco-bags of Beansprouts. I discovered them months ago; bought one in Echostore. I vowed then that I'll post about it near Christmas. They've colorful designs which match the festive atmosphere of the season. They also meet all the green requirements above.


I asked the owners, Erica Sy and Pia Sangel-Agbayani, to give a brief background on their wondeful products, and this is what they have to say:

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Basics to a GREEN Enterprise

Ecopreneurial thinking is what will pave the way (and pay) the way to a brighter, healthier, greener future.

What are the basic traits to be found in a green enterprise?

1.) The products contain safe, non-toxic ingredients. They may be all-natural, organic, herbal or in a safe mix of some other good chemical ingredients. They also aren't tested on animals. Green real estate developments are included here.

2.) They benefit the community producing them. It's what Fair Trade really is about. 

3.) They benefit others too, in:

providing resources and know-how to community livelihood projects
aiding those who can't help themselves
helping minimize carbon footprint (earth-friendly)
spreading good knowledge and skills

In sum: they are earth- and community-friendly. They share the blessings. They take risks for the greater responsibilities. They think of how to give before they think how they could give. It's what inspires them to be in business. Generosity is at their very core.

Echostore is one of these green enterprises, and I'm just proud to introduce their new products here.

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Green Philippine Products: Tronix eBikes and Energy Savers

Green Entrepreneurship is all about innovation. Creative, enterprising, problem-solving Filipinos are called on to lead the way in what is dubbed as the Necessary Revolution.  It's nothing radical; it just about good change in the way we do business, in the way we live our everyday lives, in the way we address the looming problems Climate Change brings.


One Filipino company needs to be in the limelight for everyone's patronage and emulation in this regard --- Innovatronix

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