Green Me

Birthday Plans

"Life begins at 40", they say. I just turned 39 today. If the saying were true, my “life” hasn’t even begun. There’s so much more to look forward to. That thought keeps me young.

Indeed, that’s how I feel. There’s still so much of the good ahead. There’ll be “not-so-good” things ahead as well, I know, but who would look forward to them?  Prepare for them? Yes; but back to the bright things ahead. Proceeding, I see and plan to see through these:

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Bahay Kubo Part 3


Since, I started this blog site, I’ve bought and read books and mags that now, when piled lying on top of each other, reach above my knees. I looked for more info on what the Bahay Kubo Diet book says on meat eating. Somehow, you can tell something inside of me (the baser, animal instincts, I guess) refuse to be easily convinced. 

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A topic I should be posting about, but have long been avoiding is the topic of “green diet“.  It’s because I wasn’t ready to walk the talk. I’ve been a “carnivore“ since the time I first grew teeth. I have a dinosaur’s appetite for meat, and now like them, I think I’m bound for extinction. NOT if I can help it!

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Inconvenient Truths Revealed


Nobel Peace Prize Awardee and former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore, revealed that a key turning point in his life is that time when he nearly lost his son. He saw it happened: his son was hit by a speeding car and thrown 50 feet away. As VP Al Gore remembered it: "I ran to his side and held him and called his name, but he was motionless, limp and still, without breath or pulse... His eyes were open with the nothingness stare of death, and we prayed, the two of us, there in the gutter, with only my voice." Life could end in a blink of an eye. Often, it is in moments like these, that one’s LIFE is seen in its full value.

I have my own inconvenient truth. There was this time I asked questions on my own life’s meaning and purpose. It was in my own near-death experience.

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