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Cory Aquino and Ponderings on the Filipinos' Lives and Causes

2 year ago, on a rainy morning, coffee cup on hand, I wrote these words, as I sat watching footage of a funeral. 

I was once asked, “what one article did you write that can sum up the character of Pinoy Green Academy?” This is what I chose, precisely what I wrote then, and I again share:

The Filipino Worth Greening For
by Dennis Morada

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Pinoy Green Academy Year 1

365 days ago, I started this blog, as an online sharing and learning forum. Aptly, I thought, I should use the word "academy" in its name. I anticipated that, at the onset, I have to start most of the sharing (the writing and posting)---- and the corresponding preparation that went with the task (reading, researching, asking around, etc.). 

I hoped, and continue to hope so, that some of the readers will turn into contributors. There have been a number who did help write, thankfully. In the next year or years, I hope that the ratio of my posts to that of the others' will dwindle. I hope that the "academy" will grow with more reader-learners and more sharer-teachers. One can be both. I am.

350 posts ago, I introduced what Pinoy Green Academy is about. There is much to look forward to. There is much to learn, much to teach, and much to accomplish in the future; but I won't post about the plans. There is none, really, that should diverge from what I have earlier set out to do; thus  allow me to lead you back through these links to my initial posts.

1. Welcome Pinoy Green Academy

2. Why Be a Part of Pinoy Green Academy

3. Why PGA

4.  Confession of a Green Minded Blogger

5. What Everyone Should Know on the First Day


Happy birthday, Pinoy Green Academy!


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"May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you."

1 Thessalonians 3:12

Hello Again Green World

I'm fighting off inertia. I'm coming off a blogging coma. There's a lot to blog about. I've accumulated material from my trip to Singapore (to attend Ecoworld), from the Tour of the Fireflies 2010, from the "eco-friendlier" Worldbex, from the" green" books I've recently read, and from many other inspiring sources. Though the fire, the desire in me, to advocate green living and green building hasn't died down in this recent long lull, it sure felt like flickering. 

This post should fuel the ember back to life. 

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Pinoy Green Blogger Writes for Gen G


I have always felt I'm part of this generation, Gen G, more than I do the Gen X. When the magazine, Gen G, was launched I was there, and have followed each succeeding issue with keen anticipation. There's affinity to what they write about and what I write about. Affinity is kinship, and is home. I am glad that when I did get to write officially for the magazine, the theme is HOME, GREEN HOME. That is my home turf. I am, after all, a builder of homes, by profession.

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