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Trash Talk Your Kids for a Greener Tomorrow

A friend sent in an email about seeing a creek, running along a main city thoroughfare, that’s brimming full of garbage. Informal settlers’ houses line the creek; and it’s easy to deduce it’s not by magic the trash appeared on its current location. What she saw is evidence that we, the people, are partly responsible for the calamity that befell us. Flood waters can’t flow properly along the designed tributaries. 


Aghast, as everybody would, she asked “Are we just blind?“ True, we’ve turned our eyes away like we did not see. “…or have we simply just gotten so used to it?” She then wrote that we can do something about it, and floated some suggestions.

How about us: what can we do about it? Cleaning up and de-clogging the water arteries in Metro-Manila need to be done; but for the long term, we have to change and do away with certain bad habits. 

The next generation, hopefully, they would know better than we do now. Let’s start teaching them the good green habits while they’re young. The science of global warming and climate change might be too advanced to most of them; but there are tales and fables we can use to assist us. One is a story written by Mary Ann Ordinario-Floresta and illustrated by Pepper Roxas, entitled, Flying Trash (Ang Basurang Lumilipad)

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Parenting, Patience and Penguins

Every 2 weeks, the nursery homeschoolers meet with the other enrolled kids in the homeschooling academy's home base. I accompanied my daughter this morning, and it's there where I got my post idea for today. The letter for the day is "P", and the teacher used the story of the Penguin to discuss "P" and the words that start with it, like, parents, patience, pole and many others I porgot.

It wasn't the first time I heard about the penguin story as we (family) already saw the March of the Penguins. One of the very few documentaries I enjoyed; and the only one I enjoyed with my daughter.

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Green Christmas Children's Book

Books as Christmas presents -- I loved them then. Right after tearing away the Christmas wrappers off what obviously is a book present, I'd hunker down the mattress and read. 

Even as a child I loved books. I remember, I was to turn 10  and was promised a bike on my birthday as it was what I wished for; but then some encyclopedia salespeople turned up in our house, and did I cry a bucket to close the sale! Those guys should have shared me some of their commissions. I didn't get my BMX bike until 2 years after, but until now, looking back, I consider that to be the best bargain I made in my life.

I also remember , in my teens, saving up my baon to be able to buy pocket books -- the Classics: among many, I recall Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Miguel de Cervantes, Emily Bronte,  Joseph Conrad, Daniel Defoe, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne, Walt Whitman and Hardy Boys [now, they should be classics, right?   =)  ]    It wasn't all high literature--I've often told, they were not for my age--I also collected boxfulls of DC and Marvel comics. I also loved to draw. Schoolbreaks are for drawing/painting, reading and biking around the roads and hills of Marikina. 

I reminisced as I am again in search of books for my daughter. I'll share you what I found which is ideal for the times (Christmas and Climate Change).


A creative holiday story that introduces kids to environmental awareness with ways that they can make a big difference.


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Manila Ocean Park Revisited

MOPped lately? M.O.P. (Manila Ocean Park) is just too accessible not to revisit. We came back with Faith's aunts and uncles, who are about her age. You know what? No matter how many times you see the sights (and these are just samplers of the real ocean deep), you'll never fail to be awed by the beauty of it all --- God's creation.


Puff and pucker

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