Green Diet

Bahay Kubo Part 3


Since, I started this blog site, I’ve bought and read books and mags that now, when piled lying on top of each other, reach above my knees. I looked for more info on what the Bahay Kubo Diet book says on meat eating. Somehow, you can tell something inside of me (the baser, animal instincts, I guess) refuse to be easily convinced. 

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What is Kefir

by Mr. Arthur Ty Tanco, Jr. of Chlorophyll Manila

It is an age-old probiotic, but is not known yet to the many here in the Philippines. Mr. Tanco will introduce us to Kefir.

What is Kefir?

Kefir is a cultured creamy milk food with amazing health benefits. It has a refreshing tart flavor that if consumed regularly will help build a healthy immune system and create a balanced inner ecosystem that ensures optimum health and longevity.

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Green Philippine Product: Chlorophyll Manila

What could be greener than chlorophyll? Yes, “that” word we learned from grade school and found hard to spell (then). I got reacquainted with chlorophyll through Mr. Arthur Ty Tanco, Jr.. He owns a “green or healthy living” company carrying it as the name: “Chlorophyll Manila.


Mr. Arthur Tanco Jr.’s stall in the Legazpi Sunday Market is one of the most “alive” as it catches the many curious, and “already-converts” to healthy living. The stall turns to a veritable classroom with the “Healthy Diet Guru” passionately passing on green wisdom to his padawans.

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A topic I should be posting about, but have long been avoiding is the topic of “green diet“.  It’s because I wasn’t ready to walk the talk. I’ve been a “carnivore“ since the time I first grew teeth. I have a dinosaur’s appetite for meat, and now like them, I think I’m bound for extinction. NOT if I can help it!

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