Green Diet

Natural is the New High

By Chit Juan (reprinted from The Manila Times)

My business partner, Jeannie, and I were invited by the USDA Midwest Exporters Association to attend the Natural Products Expo West 2010 show in Anaheim, California last March. The show hosted over 50,000 delegates and attendees, and there were over 3,000 stands or booth displays of every natural product, supplement, organic food, and other related supplies.

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Mother Nature Designs Local Fare

By Reena Francisco
(reprinted from Gen G magazine)

We must take it from Mother Nature. She designed a lot of fruits and vegetables to tell us what they are good for. I read in a blog that tomatoes are good for the heart. The tip is how the tomato was designed—four chambers to resemble the heart. Walnuts are good for the brain, because it resembles the way the brain is—2 spheres, wavy, curly and odd-shaped. If walnuts are good for the brain, peanuts can be good for the brain too (not to say it’s for pea-brains!). And all nuts are actually good brain food.

Gen G magazine

 If you can take a tip from Mother Nature on what these fruits are good for, let’s also admire the way Mother Nature designed containers. Melons or cantaloupes are easily eaten with its own self-serve bowl by just cutting the melon in half and scooping out the seeds. Apples come in lunch-size pieces!

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Hearty, Healthy Meal in the Day of Hearts


If Valentines Day is the day of hearts, our meal will have to be good for our hearts --- real healthy: low in cholesterol, low in sodium, but high in nutrients and agreeably appetizing. I know where to take my date, in this surprise lunch date. It was a surprise date as I was supposed to be working on a Sunday in far off Batangas, but my B.P. shot up, thus the sudden change of plans. The place had to be relaxingly homey. It had to be just near where I need to be rescued or picked up. It had to be a place where my date, my wife, also wishes to dine in, once more.


Just last Sunday, we went to this restaurant called, The Healthy Kitchen, for what else, but healthy fare. We hoped to find good tasting food. The only way I’ll be able to shun away from my old favorites (the usually unhealthy fare) effectively, is to find delectable alternatives.


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Boracay's Best Green Restaurant

One of Philippine's best vegetarian restaurant, as adjudged by the PeTA, Prana at the Mandala Spa Boracay, just had to be visited. 3 hours before leaving Boracay, I and my wife decided to have an early lunch, and have a peek of what Mandala has to offer. Maybe, we'll take the more relaxed and quiet Boracay vacation next year, and this could be the place to have it.


follow the sign: resort to eating healthy

"Are we in the right place?" We asked when we alighted our vehicle. Aside from the signage, nothing in the street will hint that one of Asia's best spas is located here.Mandalaspaboracay2

pathway to paradise


flower-strewn steps and rocks 




Prana's special for the day

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Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in the Philippines

I'm still in the ring, fighting, slugging it out with my bad eating habits. This round, this week, I did better: I ate less meat, and no red meat at that! Conditioning and training myself everyday help a lot. I dream to go down several weight divisions winning--it's a reverse Pacquiao thing. I'll knock out obesity, fatty liver, hypertension and stop diabetes on its tracks.

I am looking where in the Philippines I could find good vegetarian fare, and I saw the PeTA Top 10 list. I'd like to share. Here they are:

1.Azotea Greens
Baguio City

2.Bliss Cafe
Baguio City

3. Bodhi (also known as Evegreen)
SM Cubao, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, SM South Mall, SM City Manila, SM Makati

4. Corner Tree Cafe
Jupiter, Makati

5. Daily Veggie N' Cafe
Quezon City

6. Greens Cafe and Restaurant
Scout Castor, Quezon City

7. Hapilife Healthy Food Corner
West Tapinac, Olongapo City

8. Ima's Gulay Bar
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

9. Mandala Spa's Prana
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

10.The Farm
San Benito, Batangas