Global Warming & Climate Change

Climate Change Education in Google Earth

a sample video in their Climate Change educational gallery

I am a google fan. I think I already wrote that in a previous post. Are you? They aren't perfect, but in our age, they have represented how genius should benefit us. Genius have definitely made Larry Page and Sergey Brin billionaires; but has taken up causes to direct innovation and their built up resources to make our world a bit (or more) better. "Don't be evil" --- that's the slogan that has defined what they're about.

Google Earth has many times in the past developed features by which we can be educated on Climate Change. See past post on this: Green Google

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Message in the Bottles

" . . . I'll send an S.O.S. to the world . . . I hope that someone gets my . . . Message in a bottle . . . "

Illac Diaz could very well be singing Sting's song when he came up with this new project: 



"Hope" could be written on the notes inside those bottles. What do you think?

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Run for the Earth

Running is in the running to be the No.1 sports for the year in the Philippines. Basketball, boxing, and billiards are popular still, but in terms of GROWTH in participation, in the number of events held, running should be tops. It's an earth-friendly and healthy sport. It's not surprising that one of the runs will have as beneficiary the earth (or nature or environment). What's pleasantly surprising is that 2 run events that will be held on the same day are both "for the earth."


Earth run

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