Pinoy Green Celebrity

Green Issues in Philippine Magazines

Two more "green" issues are on the stands, presently. They are good "green" reads. The one on the left is Gen G magazine: the very first installment of the very first "green living" magazine in the Philippines. The one on the right is BizNews Asia Vol. 7 No. 21.


Why are they good "green" reads?

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Passion Model on the World Stage : The New Brand of Pinoy Hero

Do you know the name Illac Diaz? Depending on your interests or age, I’m certain one time or the another you have heard or read about him,; or perhaps have seen him on TV. In the age of the Internet, you could just google his name so as not to be lost on who he is.

Mr. Illac Diaz exemplifies the new Pinoy Hero, our model to the world --- role model, that is.

Beyond adorning various media as a commercial model, he has contributed, in no small measure, to the various ecological or environmental, and socio-economic or poverty-alleviation advocacies in the Philippines. Beyond lending good looks to the promotion, as most celebrities are doing, he has actually invented, created or developed highly successful and practicable solutions for the said causes. We present a select list below:

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