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Green Pinoy Expo

Green Pinoy Expo poster

Every year, in celebration of the Consumer Welfare Month, PPSQF conducts a trade show that showcases products that carry the Philippine National Standards (PS) and Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) marks.  The PS and ICC marks show proof that the products comply with the Philippine Standards and when you buy it you are assured that it is safe and gives you value for money.

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Eco World 2010 Singapore

The Night Safari, Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park, the Zoological Gardens, the Formula 1Grand Prix, and a few more places are in mind, making me think of a return trip to Singapore. This would be the first time, Faith, now 5 yrs. old, and my mom, 61, can join me. The 1st time I went there, I was with my wife. The last time, I was with my officemates. I still might have considered another place, had it not for this event, I deemed, I must attend --- The 2010 Eco World Singapore.


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The Philippine Eco-Label: Our Green Choice


You're convinced that green products are best for your family. You want to buy a green product. You go to the mall to search for them. You're surprised to find that there, actually, are many. The fact is: there is an increasing number of products in the market claiming that they are "green", "earth-friendly'", "eco-friendly", "sustainable", or some other  interest-attracting adjectives.  Great? Problem solved? Ever heard of green washing?

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Many Thanks From the Many Grateful

I am one of the many grateful; and yet also one of those they thanked. There are many thanks that go around in the green community, as many of them, simply, are the most generous and gracious people around.

I got an email earlier today from Amu'in Wellness. It is one of the growing number of Philippine enterprises that:

  • patronize the local industries and the local agriculture
  • use organic , safe, non-toxic ingredients
  • provide jobs to the often ill-opportuned
  • give back to the community , and 
  • adapts earth-friendly and sustainable practices in their operations


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Green Philippine Product: Plantex

Plantex Solution Manufacturing Corporation is young Philippine company which I expect to grow and hope to grow as they espouse good, green, and godly values. Their product design and their marketing and distribution programs benefit the consumers, the sellers, and the environment. 


All their products use natural plant extracts and are without the toxic, harmful chemicals we all are wary of. Unknown to many, some of the ingredients used in common soaps, detergents and cleansers are harmful, some even are suspected to be carcinogens.   Some of these ingredients likewise contaminate and pollute our rivers, soils, and ground water. 

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