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Flood Calamity Preparedness Tips

Calamities happen to the unprepared. We were all caught off guard by Ondoy. Ondoy isn’t a thief at night; he is a snatcher. Ondoy came around like a regular storm, there’s wind but not fearsome, there’s heavy rain, but it seemed as it happened, not the heaviest downpour one in the Philippines has seen. We felt secure enough with our umbrellas and rain boots. Ondoy, though, proved lightning quick: before people could react; Ondoy has already wreaked destruction. We saw things happening, but we didn’t perceive things to unravel, as they did, fast enough.


Photo above was taken the morning after Ondoy's downpour. I drove around Marikina, primarily to look for supplies, and caught this on camera. What could be a good title for this?

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Inconvenient Truths Revealed


Nobel Peace Prize Awardee and former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore, revealed that a key turning point in his life is that time when he nearly lost his son. He saw it happened: his son was hit by a speeding car and thrown 50 feet away. As VP Al Gore remembered it: "I ran to his side and held him and called his name, but he was motionless, limp and still, without breath or pulse... His eyes were open with the nothingness stare of death, and we prayed, the two of us, there in the gutter, with only my voice." Life could end in a blink of an eye. Often, it is in moments like these, that one’s LIFE is seen in its full value.

I have my own inconvenient truth. There was this time I asked questions on my own life’s meaning and purpose. It was in my own near-death experience.

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Sun Jar: Storing Sunlight

In a quaint but fresh, stylish but homey, pretty, little, neat shop did I find the jar that stores sunlight. It’s just one among many treasures that charmed me in that décor and furnishing petite shop, there in that corner of the city with many big malls, there in the corner of the city I knew so well as a child, but now no longer.


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Why Hate Greenwashing and Why Aspire for the Green Tipping Point

Any small step towards greening should be appreciated, that was the principle I follow; thus, I shun from belittling efforts of neither individuals nor groups, neither private nor commercial.

Any small step is a good step towards the right direction: a shove, a push towards the tipping point of the eventual "greening" of our society.


One would know the eventual "greening" state of the society when:

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"Green Living" Board Game Made in the Philippines, Authored by Filipina

When was the last time you played a board game on a real paper board?  Yes, there are such games still, those not using an LCD or a CRT screen.

I just did last weekend with my daughter and my wife. It was actually with eager anticipation that I bought the game board, took it home, opened the box, and asked my playmates, "game?"


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