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Green Innovations in Design and Construction

This month's GreenAP Lecture delves on Green Innovations in Design and Construction. It is a most interesting topic. We expect to learn about the latest developments in the field of sustainable building and architecture. We've always stated that green architects and engineers are not lacking in creativity.

Certain new challenges need new solutions. This includes climate change and its ill effects. Old problems like the "finiteness" of resources, likewise, need new solutions. This lecture is a must-not-miss event. Do mark your calendars, and invite friends.


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Going Green: Its Cost and Cons

The Cost and Cons of Going Green is the theme to this year's Green Forum. Should this discourage us to turn green? I hope not. Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines (GreenAP) is about education and awareness. It would help that those of us aspiring to do, or currently working on green building projects, become most prepared. There are benefits to going green: these have been the subject of numerous articles and symposia,  and these benefits are all great. Now, through these sessions, we'll learn how to best leverage the gains and pros over the costs and cons.



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