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Carwash Without Wasting Water

Every now and then, we come across businesses or products that are Filipino-driven or Philippine-produced and which are earth-friendly, green or sustainable. These we feature in this website to support them, thus encourage the use of such alternative products or encourage patronage of such innovative enterprises. We also hope to encourage like-minded and like-hearted would-be entrepreneurs to follow the same course.

Do you know that washing cars consume about 77 gallons of water? What a waste!? "To save water, let's not wash our cars." I could hear a big howl of NOOOs. Rightfully so. It's like saying, "To save water, let's not shower." As much as there is a need to conserve water, cleanliness and hygiene remain important----indespensible "wants", if debatably "needs". The solution exists in the form of ....


... WASHBOi WATERLESS Carwash Products. Before this post turn out to be a complete advertisement, I'll provide the direct link to the actual ad: CLICK HERE to view AD.

You'll find there the details, special features, photos, how to use, how to purchase, etc. We're just glad to tell you about them. Support green products and green enterprises. Doing so will, even in our consumptive ways, help in our drive to making this earth of ours a greener, healthier, and happier home.


Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.-Psalm 51:7

Low on Cost High on Sustainability

This is the lecture the Philippines need. The bulk of the so called "housing backlog" consists of low cost housing for the majority of the population.

Should it be more challenging to incorporate "green" elements in smaller and cheaper houses? I guess it should, and that's why this lecture interests me a lot. Green developments are often thought to be costly to build or to realize. If the need for low cost houses are great, and if they are designed to be sustainable, then this would have a BIG positive impact. Developers should take notes. They should attend this presentation.

Green low cost

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