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What You Missed in the Last GreenAP Lecture

I hope you don't miss the next one.

Big thanks to Dr. Carmelito Tatlonghari for sharing the synopsis of the GREEN SINGLE DETACHED RESIDENCES Lecture. Reading the following report from the GreenAP, though, cannot make up for being actually there, learning directly from the experts.



date: 29 February 2012
venue: WILCON Builders Depot

With ten tips on how to create a green dream home, the two multi-awarded speakers of
Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines thrilled the audience on February 29 on the
occasion of the Green AP Monthly Lectures at Wilcon Builders Depot Seminar Room.
Arch. Michael T. Pena, FUAP, shared his seven basic tips to a green home, which he calls the
MTP way.
1. Ventilation Stack Effect – allows hot air to escape
2. Harmony with Nature – minimal intervention
3. Orientation – ventilation and glazing
4. Inset Open Spaces – courtyards, terraces, etc.
5. Natural Ventilation – permeable walls and fenestration
6. Water Features – cooling and relaxing
7. Retreat/Resort Ambiance – restful environment


Arch. Pena went on to show five of his projects that have won awards and had been featured
in print media and television. He heads his own firm, MTP Architectural Network, that
continues to be much sought after for green tropical homes.

Arch. Leo P. Parinas, Int'l. Assoc. AIA, who heads LPPA Architects, added three more tips for
a green home.
1. Site – Building Orientation
2. Passive Design – Building Envelope
3. Active Design – Modern Systems and Technology

Arch. Parinas went into the detailed explanation of how these three tips were executed in the
Treveia Green Home in Nuvali.
Reactors for both presentations were Arch. Edgar Reformado, FUAP and Arch. Luisa Daya-
Garcia, UAP, Int'l. Assoc. AIA, CBP.

Green AP Chairman Arch. Miguel Guerrero, FUAP, APEC Architect, Assoc. AIA, welcomed a
packed audience to the February Lecture. He mentioned that the topics of the 2011 Lecture
Series focused on the analysis of green building components, while the topics of the 2012
Lecture Series focuses on the synthesis of greening different building types.

Before the main lecture, Green AP hosted 21 environmental students from Palawan State
University to a short overview of Green Architecture in the Philippines.

The next Green AP Monthly Lecture will be on March 28, 2012 at 6:00pm at Wilcon Builders
Depot. The topic, according to Green AP's Lecture Program Head, Arch. Carmen Reyes,
UAP, shall focus on Green Residential High Rise Buildings.  Teacher Marie, it is imperative to attend this.

Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines is a civic organization that advocates Sustainability
for All.
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