Artful Way of Recycling Metal and Use of Lahar

10 Things we Miss to Recycle

Ms. Katherine Tworsey sent us a link of her article on about the things we miss to recycle and why we don’t bother to put effort to it. In the article she made suggestions that had escaped most us and it aims to give us information that we didn’t have before.

The article lists down 10 things we miss to recycle and these are the following:
  1. Worn jeans, sweat pants and other fabrics
  2. Cereal boxes, and other card board
  3. Motor oil
  4. Old fishing line
  5. Copper, and aluminum
  6. light bulbs or propane bottles
  7. Prescription bottles
  8. Eye glasses
  9. Cell phones
  10. Old bath towels


You could read more of the article in details through this link: