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Cory Aquino and Ponderings on the Filipinos' Lives and Causes

2 year ago, on a rainy morning, coffee cup on hand, I wrote these words, as I sat watching footage of a funeral. 

I was once asked, “what one article did you write that can sum up the character of Pinoy Green Academy?” This is what I chose, precisely what I wrote then, and I again share:

The Filipino Worth Greening For
by Dennis Morada

Cory Aquino
photo by Richel King

The same people worth dying for are worth living for.

I pause, in the midst of much outpouring of love and remorse, and think of our lives and our causes.

How much of this love is love for the nation: for we mourn for loss of one, who loved the nation, and done exceedingly beyond wild expectations?

How much love has caused the improbable possible: a widow, inexperienced, politically untainted, could muster much strength, and grit, and courage; but for faith?

How much hope and inspiration could be lost, and gained, and again, lost, and regained in the lives lost of our heroes?

I pause, in the midst of much mourning and reminiscing, and think of our lives and our causes.

How much of the life we lived could find meaning: more than any heroic deaths, for the day to day that’s given us, is time more than enough for our defining?

How much of the gifts received are shared or given out: we’re blessed often beyond our satisfaction and beyond our appreciation? Can we give a bit, a little, some, much, or all we can bear to give? The source of all gifts, the Giver, has resources beyond exhaustion. Do we give off His palms? 

Do we ever know the time or sum to share or give back out? When we have enough for ourselves, or like the widow in the temple, when we have but ourselves?

I pause, in the midst of thinking, and write: I shall for the nation be the Filipino, the Maker, surely would want me to be: a good father and husband, teacher, builder, entrepreneur, and through this academy, a steward of a healthy earth.

The Filipino worth dying for and worth living for, to me, is worth greening for.


2 years have passed, a few days just after the State of the Nation was delivered by the son of our dear late President, I looked back at these words, and couldn't help, still, not to think the very same thoughts about our lives and our causes as Filipinos.

It's another rainy morning; I have coffee on hand --- it's a good day to reminisce, reflect, and rewrite.

 In honor of President Cory Aquino (1933-2009)


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 Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his 
friends. John 15:13