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Bamboo Cotton, the Ecofriendly Alternative to Sports Apparel

By Miguel Dy Buncio

Does your shirt stink after running a 10k or doing an excruciating workout? Do you just want to take out your shirt/top when you are running or working out because it is just too damn hot in the Philippines?! Are your armpits painful after a run? Does your shirt/top absorb 5 lbs of sweat which makes you feel like a walking bucket of bacteria?

Bamboo sports wear 


Well, if you’re an avid runner or a workout junkie like me, most likely you answered yes to one of the questions above.  There are times when my shirts have dried up after a run or a workout and I smell like a sewer. Yuck! Worse part is that the odor can’t seem to go away despite several washings. 

You may also have asked yourself why this happens?! Is that annoying nagging question that pesters you whenever you’re working out or decide to go out for a run.  So why does this happen?

Well, we’ve been BRAINWASHED by big mainstream brands to think that polyester is the standard for sports apparel.  Unfortunately, polyester chafes, stinks, and is uncomfortable.  Cotton shirts/tops are even worse as it absorbs the sweat and reduces the comfort of working out or performance in a run.  With all that absorbed sweat, it just feels heavy, uncomfortable and most of all, icky!

To set people free from the brainwashing, I came across Thriv Natural performance which is currently being sold in Toby’s Shangri La and Aura Athletica.  It’s made from bamboo which has the following properties: moisture wicking, anti-odor, thermal regulation, UV protection and comfort.

The patent pending blend of Organic Cotton, viscose from Bamboo and elastane (55% Organic Cotton/35% Viscose from Bamboo/10% Elastane) proves that true performance technology is natural technology.

After buying a couple of shirts, it’s seems hard to switch back to the synthetic feel of polyester or the heavy feeling of cotton.  It actually works best in the Philippine humidity because it is lightweight and super breathable, meaning that heat doesn’t get trapped in between your shirt and your body.  It’s like having a breeze blow by everytime you walk around.

For many fitness fanatics, workout junkies, and avid runners in the Philippines like me, we will be not be SET FREE from polyester slavery and cotton insanity. They will now experience a new performance technology apparel - a super soft feather weight fabric that keeps them DRY and STINK FREE. Perfect for the piercing heat and intense humidity of the Philippines.  In addition, bamboo is environmentally friendly.

Bamboo is “environmentally friendly because  of its ability to grow and spread quickly — in some cases three to four feet per day — without the need for fertilizers, pesticides or much water.”



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