World Water Day 2011
Water, Waste Water, Effluent and Reuse

Rango and the World Water Day

By chance or by design, a movie, carrying a water conservation theme, is locally showing, close to the celebration of World Water Day. It's summer, THE dry season, and the message is all the more resounding...if only we closely listen.

Rango water 


Rango received rave reviews from movie critics. Additionally, Rango is carried by a local food chain as a bonus to their kid's meals. These, made me eager to bring my 6-year old daughter and wife to enjoy the weekend by. Sad to say, disappointed we came out. We came to the movie for laughs and the typical cuteness found in animated films. My wife and I equate weekend movies with words like de-stress and unburden. My daughter got burdened and stressed, with us, again, sadly.

I love movies with good moral values, and specially those which touch on the care for nature (because they are rare). I would have loved this Rango film, had we come in with a different set of expectations, and had we not brought in our daughter with us. For every violent scene and inappropriate word or phrase, I couldn't help but regret.

"It's not funny, Dad...When will it be funny, Dad?"

"I don't know" was all I could say as I didn't really know. I should have made a research and read through the entire reviews. I just guilty looked at the headlines and 4 stars. We all hate spoilers, right. That's why I didn't go through the review text.

After the disappointment, I went back to the reviews in the Internet. I appreciated what they said about the film making techniques, animation technology, aesthetics, etc.---they were there sure; but I didn't go to see the next Oscar bet. I went just for some simple family weekend fun.

I will not discourage you to see the film. Go. Learn from it. Do not, bring 6-year olds or other kids of precarious ages, with you, though. Also, do not go for the rib-tickles, and shallow laughter. Yeah, it's funny in parts; but all in a demented adult kind of way (or maybe, that's just from me, a disappointed dad).

I echo the message, though: Let's Save Water. Happy World Water Day!




"You care for the land and water it; you enrich it abundantly. The streams of God are filled with water to provide the people with grain, for so you have ordained it. You drench its furrows and level its ridges; you soften it with showers and bless its crops. You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance. The grasslands of the desert overflow; the hills are clothed with gladness. The meadows are covered with flocks and the valleys are mantled with grain; they shout for joy and sing."

(Psalm 65:9-13)


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