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I just signed up. I will, again, take part in the Tour of the Fireflies.

It’s time to condition my bike, and myself, to run again.

Though at a slow pace, the tour shall cover 42 kilometers --- I doubt if I can be able to finish that in my current condition: I had not biked in half a year! No wonder I have excess poundage.

Tour fireflies 2011 

I got my new official jersey. It’s white and purple. It’s interesting to note that this year’s event’s logo or graphic was designed by the founder of the TOF herself, Ms. Katti Sta. Ana.  See above Bicycle Revolution jersey design.

Tour firelfies 2011 revolution 

Bicycle Revolution 2011, an apt title to our objective, don’t you think? Change is what we’re calling for. Hopefully the gears and wheels --- thousands of them --- can drive the message through.

 We need (not just want) a cleaner environment to live in, and cleaner air to breathe in.

Read below invitation from the Firefly Brigade:

The fireflies have fled the city because they could not stand its dirty air. All of us --- cyclists, pedestrians, commuters, even those who ride cars --- whol live, work and raise families in the city may suffer the same fate. We continue to dirty our city's air with polluting vehicles and factories.

As a result, we also risk disappearing like fireflies.

Why resign ourselves to this fate?

We have a choice.

We can fight for clean air and bring back the fireflies.

The Tour of the Fireflies 2011 Bicycle Revolution is on April 17. It starts and ends at Pasig City. See the tour map, and learn more about the event here: Connect with them also in Facebook:

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