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"GO PLANET!," and out comes the hero, Captain Planet, to save the day...and yes, the planet.

I was 20 already then when the cartoon series came out; and thus, did not appreciate it as much as I did my childhood superheroes (Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc.). 20 years after, though, in our age, when harm to the earth is more apparent in climate change, I have become more appreciative of what power the series has.


Treehugger, the website, today headlines: "Captain Planet Turns 20, and Get His Own Holiday"--- and that piqued my curiousity. I am familiar with the series. It was something I did not follow. Who is Captain Planet? He obviously is an environmentalist's hero; but then how was he: what sort of superpowers did he have; who were his enemies (illegal loggers, pollutants); did he have an later ego; did he have ally heroes; was it a successful series; was it well-liked by kids then?

When I have these questions, I turn to Google and Wikipedia. It doesn't make sense to re-write what I read so I'd just present the link to the online resources on Captain Planet. 

Captain Planet in Wikipedia

Captain Planet and the Planeteers at IMDB

Learn also about the Captain Planet Foundation.

"The mission of the Captain Planet Foundation is to inspire and support 
hands-on, environmental projects for children and youth all around the 

The objective is to encourage innovative programs that empower
children and youth to work individually and collectively to solve the
myriad of environmental problems in their neighborhoods and
communities. Through high quality and experiential education, we believe children can achieve a better understanding and
appreciation for the world in which they live."
Visit this website for more information, Captain Planet Foundation.

You may also learn how the world intends to celebrate with him here: Captain Planet's 20th Year Birthday Benefit.

If you find he's your kind of superhero for your kids, let's celebrate his 20th years, by sharing about him to our kids.


Intro and closing from YouTube as uploaded by AIMStudios




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Deuteronomy 31:6


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