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September 2010

World Green Building Week


Last year, September 23, 2009, we had our first World Green Building Day. It served as the building industry's drum beating for the coming COP-15 in Copenhagen at year's end. This year, the organizers, which now includes several country members, will have an entire week to celebrate: Septemebr 20 to 26, 2010.

Our very own, Philippine Green Building Council some activities lined up.


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Super Green Hero

"GO PLANET!," and out comes the hero, Captain Planet, to save the day...and yes, the planet.

I was 20 already then when the cartoon series came out; and thus, did not appreciate it as much as I did my childhood superheroes (Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc.). 20 years after, though, in our age, when harm to the earth is more apparent in climate change, I have become more appreciative of what power the series has.


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Pinoy-Made Green Cars

Filipinos can.


Full electric cars or hybrids aren't new; however, other than Toyota's Prius, none has been commercially successful. This means there are few of these earth-friendly cars on the road. There are many reasons why, but foremost is the affordability of such vehicles. A Filipino engineer, Engr. Gerry Caroro, and his company, G-Car Motors, are aiming to bring electric cars within most everyone's reach.

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