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Living the Green Life: One Big Dream

Learning to live a green life by reading about it is so much different from learning it by actually living it.

Much as we would like to say we are doing both, our efforts pale compared to what this family is doing. Inspiring and intriguing, their online journals walk us through the real joys and challenges of living the life amidst nature, under the tenets of sustainability. Sustainability is all about securing the future of our kids through responsible utilization of our earth’s finite resources. On their own words:

“…we venture into the unknown hoping to simplify things yet live abundantly… Our ultimate goal is self-sustainabilty: Being able to live blissfully by the workings of our own hands, working hand-in-hand with nature…”


They left home, as most of us know it: the city of malls, of cars, of careers, of artificial lights, of wants, and of the fast paced life of the “go-go-go-but-where-to-exactly-is this right?” They headed for far off Palawan, where they can better appreciate life in a more proper pace, in a setting pristine and fresh and lush and healthy.  


We have a 5-year old daughter and truly that is the big reason why we’ve decided on living green lives. Mon posts, “My wife and I have always agreed that our son’s young and fragile mind should be molded to what is grounded and closest to the earth, surrounded by an abundance of nature, devoid of materialism and consumerism. “


As I read through their blogs, I sense an affinity of the basic values that we keep. We may not have yet taken that big, bold, bag-packing step--- not that we aren’t considering it, as well--- but we are one with them in principle. I am posting here excerpts of what they themselves have written (in italics) and copies of photos that they themselves have taken of their new home surroundings to invite you and inspire you to consider living the green life.

“Living away from the city chaos makes it so much easier. No traffic in the city saves you time. Almost no shopping saves you money. We have drastically decreased our shopping here because there really are no malls. Less shopping = less junk = less trash. That is environment-friendly too!..Not everyone will see it the way we do, though. On the contrary, others may not appreciate the quiet solitude of provincial life. Few will realize the purpose of going back to basics in a world where the emphasis is on gains. To those deeply rooted in this urban jungle, it's quite insane to do what we aim to do. But we're taking the leap because I want my family to breathe fresh air. I want my son to run in big open spaces, learn to swim in the ocean


not just in the chlorine pool

climb big old trees just like the old days.


I want him to live amidst nature, learn to value & respect all sentient beings. I want to plant organic herbs & vegetables and eat nutrient-dense crops.


 I want to sew, crochet and knit. Read in peace. I want to mountain bike, practice & teach yoga, meditate in an environment brimming with life. 


Bask under the hot tropical sun and howl at the full moon. Dance with every fiber of my being. I want to be wild and free.


We just want to simplify and learn to appreciate life's little (but bigger & better!) things.

Our family's goal is to live with less, but create and have more. More time for each other and ourselves, more health, more love & happiness. Now, think about it, isn't that something worth achieving? :) Like I always say, we only live I dare you to live it!


Now, I toss this question back to you, readers. Would you dare trade your city life for the simple life, like us? :) “


Can we dare trade the city life? Ah, we long for the beaches, nature trails, view of the horizons; and we’re tired of the traffic and of the hustle and bustle; but like most of you, we struggle in even thinking about it. For my family, while we dream the big dream, the One Big Trip, we’ll try to live a greener life in the city, in the meantime. How about you?  


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From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.

John 1:16 


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