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What is Greenterprise

What is Greenterprise and what is GreenCARE?  Thanks to Mr. Justine Mapile, Jr. for sending in his answers via the following text and attached presentations.

Any new earth-friendly enterprises or products are welcome to have themselves introduced here. Pinoy Green Academy supports Pinoy green businesses.



 GREENTERPRISE Program is green living advocacy and socio-econ-ecology program that fosters economic growth at the community level in a sustainable manner. The main characteristics are:

1.    Greenterprise is a socio-economic activity in the grassroots that respects the role of manufacturers/producers, consumers and communities in the restoration of the environment – rooted in people-to-people and/or people-to-institution connections, justice, and sustainability.

2.    Greenterprise is a people-powered solution to poverty alleviation. It is a system of trading based on mutual benefits, direct relationships and partnerships. 

3.    Greenterprise serves the community as green living advocates, encouraging people / people’s organization to support the Greenterprise while providing them the means to do so. We encourage using people’s spending power to influence the market and help reshape the local economy to one that works for all people and the planet. 

GREENTERPRISE is both a social partnership and a movement participated widely by consumers, entrepreneurs, housewives, office workers, professionals, family of OFW’s, NGO/POs, cooperatives, employees’ unions, Home-owners’ associations and other likeminded groups and citizens, who not only help maintain a healthy ecological balance but also create a vibrant and sustainable economic activity, one that can create livelihood and help provide a better quality of living for themselves and the people. 

Greenterprise logo


The nature of the program is an education campaign and a socio-economic partnership. It supports the establishment of green living advocacy center and distribution chain of organic home and family care products that is both socially just and ecologically responsible.

By actively patronizing organic and natural-based products, we demonstrate our support for individuals, groups and associations who wish to promote the Filipino owned and home-grown, "Made-in-the-PHILIPPINES" industries, thus: 

1. Encourages the participation of individuals, POs/NGOs, Cooperatives, labor unions, Churches/Parishes, Schools, and Barangays as partner-outlets of high quality and low priced green products for home and family care.

2. Responds to the need for a stronger and effective distribution network for low-priced organic/eco-friendly home & family care products.

3. Creation and establishment of a nationwide network of community-based operated retail green outlets distributing basic home & family care green products at affordable prices, thru:


Creation of a network of retail green outlets in the Barangay operated by qualified people’s organization in the grassroots.

Greenterprise sa PABRIKA

Creation of a network of retail green outlets operated by qualified employees’ union/groups in various factories.

Greenterprise sa SIMBAHAN/PAROKYA

Creation of a network of retail green outlets operated by qualified church organizations and situated in key dioceses and parishes.



Because, by embracing the principles and beliefs of GREENTERPRISE you not only live your desired healthy lifestyle but you get the full benefit of earning from it too! Thus:

     “Your advocacy now becomes your business and your business your advocacy”! 

 We specialize in supporting and helping people’s / civic organizations, non-governmental organizations, cooperatives and similar formations raise capital in a sustainable manner, but we don't stop there.  We help you resolve other daunting issues including:

1. Environmental education / awareness program

2. Maintaining a strong organization (capability building)

3. Greentrepreneurship training and mentoring services

4. Building a strong reserve of green volunteers

5. Meeting and exceeding fundraising goals

6. Building member participation and morale

7. Overcoming high volunteer turnover rates

8. Developing green fundraising and green business strategies and implementation

9. Changes and trends in socio-econ projects and fundraising

Greenterprise products


  Yes! There is a very compelling reason to patronize eco-friendly homecare products. 

Most important reason why people are using eco-friendly products is that everyday products found in every home contain harmful toxins that cause an array of symptoms including headaches, rashes, breathing difficulties and in the worse of circumstances cancer or even death. 

These chemicals can often be found in your household cleaning and bleaching products, in your personal care products, and even in your beverages, including water.



    The benefits of using chemical-free household and family care products are two-pronged: they are definitely safer:

A. For our health

B. For the environment

We obtain concrete benefits by using natural-based products for our homes and for our family care:                                                                                                                   

Individual and Family Health:

1. Plant-based ingredients are natural, do not contain dangerous chemicals and are not toxic. They do not contribute to toxicity levels in the human body.

2. Natural ingredients are non-corrosive and hence do not affect our skin, eyes and nerve tissues.

3. Some chemicals have carcinogen qualities; by avoiding long-term exposure to these carcinogens, we help prevent the onset of diseases like cancer, respiratory problems, allergies, cardiac arrest, depression and anxiety.

4. Natural-based products are just as effective as chemical-based products. For cleaning our homes, there are many excellent products that eliminate dirt, grease and grime just as effectively as chemical-based aerosols and cleaners.

5. By using natural-based products, we protect our brain, liver and heart from unnecessary exposure to dangerous chemicals. 

6. Our children’s vision is not compromised when we choose to use chemical-free products. 

7. Individuals have healthier and more disease-resistant complexions when they do not use cosmetics that contain dibutyl-phthalates.

8. Scented products contain certain chemicals that can irritate the skin, eyes and hair of sensitive individuals. Long-term inhalation or absorption of these chemical-based scents can be toxic and can lead to allergies. 

9. Protection of newborns and young children – no one will argue that natural-based or organic products are healthier for babies and young children.

10. Natural-based products are safer to store in the home especially when members of the family are prone to asthma or hives, or easily become dizzy and have frequent headaches. 

11. Organic or natural products come in different scents and flavors that won’t harm our skin or eyes. Who can say no to lemon grass, banana or dalandan/citrus scents?

12. Using chemical-based products means using chemical preservatives. These allow us to keep products for longer periods of time because chemical preservatives prolong product shelf-life. But when these products are on the shelf too long, we are potentially exposing our family members to certain harmful substances. 

Environmental Concerns:

1. Respect for the environment – individuals/ groups who opt for natural or organic products have made the conscious effort of protecting the environment. Many chemical-based products are disposable and hence left-over or residual chemicals are thrown into our rivers and lakes.

2. By using natural-based products, we open our eyes and broaden our horizons about what Mother Nature has in abundance. There are actually thousands of plants and herbs and their respective extracts that can be "harvested" to develop products for the home and for our family care.

3. By using natural based or organic products, we stop the wheels of  industry from churning out unhealthy smoke and pollution when chemicals are used for the manufacture of household products.



    P2,888 only: one-time registration.

     Inclusive in the said amount are the following Green Advocacy Kit: our BEST ECO-FRIENLY ALTERNATIVE to toxic chemical and synthetic-based cleaners, bleaches, and detergents for every home and family:  

 1. GreenCARE-Eliminator Plus, Plant Fiber Extract Concentrate, (125ml, 6 bottles).

Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant

Grease Cutter/ Digester   

Water Quality Enhamcer

Compost Activator/ Soil Enhancer 


2. GreenCARE Multi-purpose Cleaner, (2 bottles, 250ml): 


Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Grease Cutter, Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator. 


a. Effectively eradicates odor at its source as it disinfects. 

b. 100% killing of Pathogenic micro-organisms such as E. coli, Salmonella typhosa, Pseudomonas Aeruginusa, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, etc. 

c. Can cut and digest grease & oils. 

d. Effectively removes hard stains, soot, molds, mildew and cleans tile grouts. 

e. Powerful cleaner for glass windows, walls and floors inside and outside the house. 

f. Safe to use on painted surfaces. 


3. GreenCARE Premium Organic Bath Soap, (8 pcs. 110g):

  With Banana and Carrot Extracts. Effectively treats skin fungal infections, removes body odor while it moisturizes skin, and lightens dark areas and blemishes of skin safely and naturally. Leaves skin clearer, fairer, healthier and odor free. 

 (Carrot extract, also known as Daucus carota sativis, is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, and E - all essential ingredients to keeping your skin healthy. A natural source of pro-vitamin A that helps promote healthy-looking skin). 

 4. GreenCARE Laundry Powder with Anti-Bac, (6 pouches, 480g):  

GreenCARE Laundry Powder is an organically active washing agent with odor-eliminating and highly efficient cleansing active ingredients to make clothes clean and fragrant. It is formulated to be highly effective and economical to use: 


    ● Cleans thoroughly 

    ● Formulated to cut through grease and other tough stains on clothes 

    ● Economical 

    ● Biodegradable 

    ● Suitable for both hand and machine wash. 


5. GreenCARE Liquid Hand Soap, (2 bottles, 250ml): 


Perfect in keeping your hands clean and sanitized. 


● Efficiently removes unpleasant odor from different sources 

● Disinfects, reducing the risk of diseases that can be transmitted by hand. 

● Grease-cutter 

● Gentle on your hands 


6. GreenCARE Dish Washing Liquid, (4 bottles, 250ml): 


With its fresh fragrance from plant-based ingredients, it cuts through grease and common food scum making it easy to wash dishes, pots, pans, glassware, cutlery and other kitchen utensils. 


• No chemical residue 

• Phosphates free 


7. Marketing Tools, including Bio-bag, brochures, tarpaulin and others. 


8. Free Greentrepreneurial Trainings. (Regular schedules: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 2pm., at the National Center)



Greenterprise program offers a sustainable fundraising and /or Green Business Program that is one of the most profitable in the world for your organization – profit margin ranging from 25% to 54%, plus incentives and / or bonuses. 


For more details, please contact: 

 Justine A. Mapile, Jr. 
 Mobile: 0917-8401-899 
 E-mail: justine.greencare@gmail.com 


GreenCARE, Inc. 
Upper G/F, Worldwide Corporate Center, 
 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City 
 Tel.: 571-81-38 to 39 


For download:

Download GreenCARE, Inc._Feb272010

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