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Hello Again Green World

I'm fighting off inertia. I'm coming off a blogging coma. There's a lot to blog about. I've accumulated material from my trip to Singapore (to attend Ecoworld), from the Tour of the Fireflies 2010, from the "eco-friendlier" Worldbex, from the" green" books I've recently read, and from many other inspiring sources. Though the fire, the desire in me, to advocate green living and green building hasn't died down in this recent long lull, it sure felt like flickering. 

This post should fuel the ember back to life. 

I just had to write without much thinking of what to write. 

I just got home from work. Have I blogged about my going back to the life of the employed? Well, I have, and that's since February. That should explain the change in the frequency and the quality of the posts. Admittedly, I haven't given Pinoy Green Academy a fair share of my time the last 3 months. All these while I still had to attend to my homeschooling student's or my daughter's learning needs. Have I given that responsibility a fair share of my time? Guilty, I am, again.

Since --- hard to admit it --- (maybe) I didn't prove to be the best homeschooling dad, we (with my wife) decided to enroll her to a regular school this coming June. We'll continue to guide and teach her; but we'll have the professionals help ensure Faith gets good education.

A box was waiting for me --- a UPS delivery. I bought the GREEN BUILDING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION LEED REFERENCE GUIDE 2009 EDITION from the USGBC or the Green Building Council of the U.S. I'm planning to take the LEED AP exam; that is, if I qualify. Apparently, the requirements are not easy to comply with. I need to have had the experience working on a LEED project or I should have taken some LEED courses. The former are rare in the Philippines --- there might not even be a handful of them. The latter is so far non-existent. The nearest school that offers LEED seminars is in Hong Kong!  I should find some way to qualify. The important thing is that I study and that I learn.

In between the blogposts, I received an email that makes it official: the Gen G magazine has seen its last printing in the Green Home issue. Gen G, under Media G8way, will, however, live on, but only in its online form. Echostore's Jeannie Javelosa, Reena Francisco and Chit Juan will no longer be part of the purely online Gen G. That email made me officially sad for that day. 

In between blogposts, my maven classmate, Jhoey Hernandez organized a successful Harvest Day of organic farm products. That's happy news. She's cooking up a new event, she dubbed as the MARKET-TO-PLATE TOUR. It will be on May 22, a Saturday. I'll post more on that soon. That's an even happier news.

Well, it proved freeing not to think so much. I just wrote what comes to mind. I'm back to blogging, then. 

By the way, thanks for the "push." There are those who asked why I haven't been writing anymore. So, there are those who read my posts. Nice. Actually, great to know. I'm very much encouraged to continue on. Thank you very much.

A greener, healthier and happier earth once more to all. Hello green world.



"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."

Proverbs 16:3


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