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20 February 2010



Halfway through with our house building pero gusto ko pa rin humabol ng consultation at magkaroon ng green house,Tagalog Baguio po kami.

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nice resources on keeping the earth greener.

dennis morada

I'm sure there are; I just can't remember the details. I always see at least one in the previous construction, building or architecture Expos I went to. I'll post about them when I get more details.

Thanks for the feedback.


you mentioned wind turbines...is it available here in the Philippines? how big are they if its for home use?

dennis morada

Hi Roger,

You may email me some more details. Do you already have an architect? In what stage of planning are you already in? Have you set a budget already for the house? Are there certain architectural elements or features, you'd like to be in the house? What are the dimensions of the lot? How does its surroundings look like? Where is it located? What is the orientation (facing north?)?

Perhaps, you can email these and more, here: dennis@pinoygreenacademy.com.

I'd be glad to help.

Great decision on having your house green! I hope many will follow your example there.


Roger J. Francisco

Hi Mr. Morada it is by God's grace that we came across your advocacy in green living. We are particularly interested in your Tips on Designing a Green Home. We are about to build our residential 150 sq.m. 2-storey home in Zamboanga City and the plans are being drawn up and we would like it to incorporate green design, technology and materials as far as affordable and practical.

We would like to request whatever help you may provide in this endeavor. Appreciate your kind assistance. Thank you and regards.


dennis morada

Thanks, Didi. I love your post on the challenges a freelancer faces. I so can relate. In my case, I had to resign from being resigned ;) ---- http://thewaislife.com/2010/02/17/top-3-battles-when-making-money-without-a-regular-job/#more-971



Dennis Morada

Hi Edrin,

Tama ka. Malamig nga naman ang tubig sa tapayan. Bakit nga ba? Sige alamin natin.

Sa mga probinsiya, may nakikita pa din akong nagbebenta nun.

Makakatipid nga tayo sa "energy costs" ng malaki kung gagamit muli tayo ng tapayan.

Salamat sa mungkahi.

edrin abutin

dear sir/madam meron pa po bang tapayan yung lagayan ng tubig sabi nila lagi daw malamig tubig doon kahit walang ice me nagawa po ba noon maganda po isama to sa topic na green living the science in tapayan gamit po ito ng mga matatanda noon

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