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23 January 2010


Dennis Morada

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the message.
When it comes to taxes, it's the government and the government alone who can decide; but the private companies can provide incentives. Of course, that depends on their own convictions towards the environment and the sustainable lifestyle. Companies can subsidize bike purchases, provide parking spaces for bikes, etc. Options are limited only by their creativity. Going back to tax breaks from the government, there are pending ordinances and bills for such incentives and tax breaks; but they have yet to be passed.

The thing is, everybody has a big part in the greening of the earth---the government, the enterprises, the NGos and the ordinary citizens.

Again, thanks for the inputs.


just a thought, is it possible that when you bike to work your employer could tax exempt you? its like a compensation or reward for using a bike. Is it possible that a local government would cut your tax if your using green things that would help the environmnet?

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