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The most amazing, wonderful nature discovery for me as a child, perhaps for many children, way back then, is that of those moving twinkling lights in the night sky. They could've been stars, and I might have wished something, seeing them then shoot so; but no they are not, as one can almost grasp them. They are fireflies, grown-ups told me. How do they produce the light? Do they carry mini flashlights? Have they got electricity in their bodies? Are they not so fair, they could've been the inspiration for the tales on fairies?

I could only relate this to my 4-year old daughter. She has yet to see one. Where have all the fireflies gone?

Progress was good to our cities in many ways; but in many ways as well, in some ways even without us knowing, progress was not good at all. The air that surrounds us is dirtier than it ever was. The fireflies have fled these unclean air as these are not their habitat. Their home is where they can live, fly and breathe freely.  

Firefly brigade

A group of grown-ups, who once upon their childhood, also made the amazing, wonderful discovery of the fireflies, bonded together to form what is now popularly known as the Firefly Brigade.

Fireflies bike
 last year's event promo design

The group's aim is to bring them, fireflies, back to live with us, by helping make the air clean again. Modern vehicles exhale pollution from the fossil fuel they imbibe. An alternative, the Firefly Brigade is advocating, is the use of bicycles. It's actually not just about these wonderful creatures, fireflies; it's really all about us. The cities are our home too, and it has ceased to be a healthy, congenial environment to live in. It's actually not just about the modern vehicles, cars; it's actually about everything else that man has made, that somehow turned out to be causing the demise of our own habitat.

The Firefly Brigade is inviting us to join the 12TH Tour of the Fireflies (I VOTE TO BIKE) this coming April 18, 2010. It is an annual bicycle ride around the metropolitan cities to promote cycling as an alternative means of transportation that is cheap, efficient, environmentally sensible, and good for one’s health. The group is holding workshops and membership orientations, as well. They have one scheduled tomorrow, January 24, 9:00am-1:00pm, and the next 2 Sundays. Learn more about these activities, the Tour of the Fireflies and the Firefly Brigade in the following websites:

Firefly Brigade Official Site

Tour of the Fireflies Multiply Site

Firefly Brigade on Facebook

Watch Video on Tour of Fireflies

2009 Tour of the Firefly Invitation Video

Firefly Brigade Photos

You may also wish to contact them for inquiries:

Rosar Crisostomo
 VP & Membership Head




1 John 1:5

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.


Dennis Morada

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the message.
When it comes to taxes, it's the government and the government alone who can decide; but the private companies can provide incentives. Of course, that depends on their own convictions towards the environment and the sustainable lifestyle. Companies can subsidize bike purchases, provide parking spaces for bikes, etc. Options are limited only by their creativity. Going back to tax breaks from the government, there are pending ordinances and bills for such incentives and tax breaks; but they have yet to be passed.

The thing is, everybody has a big part in the greening of the earth---the government, the enterprises, the NGos and the ordinary citizens.

Again, thanks for the inputs.


just a thought, is it possible that when you bike to work your employer could tax exempt you? its like a compensation or reward for using a bike. Is it possible that a local government would cut your tax if your using green things that would help the environmnet?

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