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As many or still more than those turning "green" are those still stuck in their "old ways" because of the predominance, sadly, of green myths.

What are these green myths? What are true? Will we be busting these myths here?

I found a list compiled by Crissy Trask in her book, IT'S EASY BEING GREEN: A Handbook for Earth-Friendly Living. To answer the last question, first: YES, let us all go myth busting!


(based on the book by Crissy Trask)

1. Green Living is a virtue, not an obligation.

2. It will be too difficult and disruptive to change my habits.

3. Green Products are hard to find and expensive.

4. If I turn my back on conventional businesses, the economy will suffer.

5. People displaying "green living" preferences and behaviors can look cheap and eccentric.

6. The frugality that greener living requires means depriving me and my family of comforts of life and conveniences I've earned.

7. Supporting environmental causes means giving up time I don't have (e.g. volunteering and writing lots of letters).

8. It's hypocritical to advocate and practice "green" behaviors in some, but not all, areas of my life.

9. Nothing I do will make a difference if no one else is doing anything.


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