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21 October 2009


Engr. Dennis Morada

Wow, Charmaine. Thanks too. My daughter and I are fans of CANVAS and the "S.O.S. book is the one my daughter best remembers and enjoys. She can read a bit already; but when it's your book, she reads faster -- it should be from memory already =) Keep on coming out with great books. You have fans here.

Charmaine Aserappa

Thank you, Dennis, for your kind support of my book, MESSAGE IN THE SAND (CANVAS,2008).

Thanks too for your own enjoyable site, which helps spread God's call to care for the Earth -- the sacred duty of every human being.

Charmaine Aserappa

Nestor Arabejo  UAP, LEED AP

All the best Dennis! I know, one's lifestyle needs to be sustainable as well... the same as what you have been "preaching".

More "green" power to you!

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