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It's a Sunday, so I'll post something about a good Sunday read: a GREEN BIBLE!

I went to a local bookstore. "Miss, meron kayong Green Bible?", I inquired.

Sales Assistant: "Sir, yung kulay green?"

Me: "Ahhh..." Eyes rolled up, brows knotted, mouth gaped, thought to say "Hindi, miss, orange."

Me: "Hindi ko alam e. Actually, title niya yun: Green Bible. Gawa siya sa earth-friendly materials. Naka-indicate yun sa cover."

Sales Assitant: "Sorry, sir wala pala po stock pero meron pala kami wala lang"

I said thanks, bewildered but I think I understood, and went to the next bookstore. 

Lo and behold! There it is on the shelf, and it is NOT GREEN,..well, not entirely. Good thing, I paused to consider what I said to the lady; else, shame on me =) be continued, we have to run to church...

Upon returning, I examined my new Bible. It is covered in a linen-cotton combination cloth; it has texture. The pages are of recycled paper. The prints are of soy-based ink. It has a Mixed Sources FSC Cerification, which says, "Product group from well managed forests, controlled sources and recycled wood or fiber". Sounds good, I'll check what FSC is and post about it too.

It has a recycled cardboard wrap with a few advanced praises. Let's go through a few:

"Essential for anyone interested in a biblical basis for humane and sustainable living." -- Christine Gutleben, director, Animals and Religion Program, The Humane Society of the United States

"The abuse of nature and mistreatment of its invaluable resources are tantamount to sin. May The Green Bible offer opportunity for a new beginning and repentance of our past ways." --l Patriarch Bartholomew

"Challenging, inspiring, and hopeful. The Green Bible will change the way you think, and the way you live." -- Lauren F. Winner, author of Girl Meets God

The Green Bible has numerous essays inside written by nation, academic and church leaders. Among them are Pope John Paul II and  Saint Francis of Assissi. The foreword is by Bishop Desmond Tutu and I had to read it twice. I have to make quotes to share to you:

"...As you read the Green Bible  starting in Genesis, you will see that God created birds, fish, and animals he created humans to be his viceroys and to act "compassionately and gently" towards all forms of life. The future of our fragile, beautiful planet home is in our hands...It is possible to have a new kind of world, a world where there will be more compassion, more gentleness, more caring, more laughter, more joy for all of God's creation, because that is God's dream. And God says, 'Help me, help me, help me realize my dream.'"

There are also about 1,000 verses highlighted to mark their relevance to the green theme. Additionally, there is a Green Topical Index and a Green Bible Trail Guide to help direct you on how best to proceed to read.


I'll read through the essays, and I'll share more through posts, in the future, on my learnings.

A prayer for a greener, healthier, and happier earth to you all.


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