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Climate Change : Our Worsening Health

The Philippines had a Crash Course on Climate Change and it wasn‘t the desirable kind. We could only wish now that we learned it first in the classroom or from a friend over good coffee. For some of us, we actually might have heard it before but have brushed it aside for some more pressing problems, maybe.

Some are not too inclined to view graphs, charts and chemical formulas -- science to some may best be explained through analogy.

I am not 100% healthy; a little far from it. I am hypertensive;, has high cholesterol, high uric acid, and borderline sugar levels; has fatty liver; and am clinically obese. I’m in danger of having it worse -- diabetes, heart ailments, liver and other organ problems are eagerly closing in.

Our earth is not 100% healthy; far from it. The volume of greenhouse gases , the most popular of which is carbon dioxide, is at an all-time high and is still increasing at a rapid rate. Global temperatures which are found to be correlated to the volume of these gases are also hitting record highs everywhere. The symptoms, likewise, have started to be felt, more frequently, more pronouncedly, and more widely felt.

I love to eat. It’s a social activity for me. I also love food; it‘s a charm to the senses. Eating is pleasurable not just filling and nourishing. Crunchy fried chicken skin, lechon kawali, sisig, steak, bulalo, crispy pata, ice cream, chocolates -- how can I say goodbye to them so easily. I’ve been forewarned many times. I was young and I felt good. I was enjoying life and I can afford to.

People of the earth love to live the good life too. We love to develop, to grow, to progress, and to consume. We want things faster, bigger, brighter, cooler, easier, and cheaper; and we got it all good. How can it be otherwise? We’ve been forewarned many times. The earth has infinite resources (so we thought). We were enjoying life and we can afford to.

Then we hit a snag. We began to feel it. Somewhere it began to hurt. Then we become alarmed and terrified for our own lives, and for the future lives of our children and their future children.

I started to read about health and medical books; browsed medical websites; and consulted health specialists. I underwent several tests and was prescribed medications. I was told to lighten down; to live in moderation; to change my indulgent but harmful ways. I was told I can regain good health. There is hope. I can do something about it.

People of the earth, still very few of us (but this surely will increase), are starting to learn about the facts, the history, the projections, the possible solutions to the growing problem of Global Warming and the realities of Climate Change. We consulted scientists; we ran to policy makers and heads of governments; we continued our research. Nations have started to coalesce, discuss and form long standing agreements. Citizens have started to unite, campaign for, and work proactively. Governments have started enacting environmental laws. Architects and engineers are revising codes and standards in designing and building environments and structures.

We’ve started to take heed. We’re told to rethink development, to do so in calculated moderation. We’re told to seek alternative sources of energy and material for manufacturing; to reforest; to cut down on our abusive consumptive ways. We were told we can regain the rich, healthy, habitable planet we once knew. There is hope. We can do something about it.



“I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14



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