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Biofuel Questions Answered

After typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng life and living in the Philippines, will surely be subject of much rethinking. Filipinos are now awakened by the creeping threat of Climate Change, and have started asking: how we can survive it, how we can stop it, how we can reverse it. Green Living should now not just be a "fashionable lifestyle option," but the only way we should be living our lives.

When there is talk of cutting carbonfootprint, car emissions and fuel alternatives are the first to come to mind. Our government has made policies on the promotion, development and use of biofuels.  Yet some of us are still wary of shifting to biofuels.


It is still to many, "new" and "unproven," and there are concerns raised as to its suitability to their particular engines. This is the scene in the Philippines, despite decades-long use in other countries. There are, however, other questions being asked -- other than about suitability -- and here we share a study summary of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), The State of Food and Agriculture, Biofuels: Prospects, Risks and Opportunities, as presented by GreenFacts.org.

Some questions you'll find answers to:

1.) What are biofuels?
2.) What are the economic and policy factors influencing biofuel development?
3.) How are biofuels market and production evolving?
4.) What are the environmental impacts of biofuels?
5.) How will biofuel production affect food security and poverty?
6.) How could biofuel policies be improved?

Another good informative resource website is BIOFUELS PHILIPPINES. Check it out as well.

Biofuel philippines

It's hightime that we, Filipinos, start living the GREEN LIFE. Let's study how best we can do it. Let's ask questions, seek "green" options/alternatives, and share discoveries with others. The time to start is NOW.


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