Ondoy Hits Home: Marikina
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Odette, Ondoy, and Our Planet Earth

Our sympathies and prayers go to all the victims of the calamity.

I learned only last Friday about Ms. Odette Alcantara’s passing away. I meant to post immediately my condolences Saturday morning. I never got to. Much of what she tried to teach or plainly tell us about the earth and the caring for it, reverberated with truth this past few days. It’s a painful truth and a painful way of truth-telling. Nature itself speaks much louder than any of us or even louder than all of us.

Odette and many like her, lend their voices, and their hours, and their many acts of kindnesses to humanity and to our earth which God so entrusted to us; but only a few take notice and take heed.

Sad to send sympathies with much sadness. There is no other way with sympathies, I guess. There is no other way with messages as well. Messages to be fully understood must be fully experienced, I guess.

To Ms. Odette, we heard you and we’ll take heed. Your life has found meaning in your meaning for life to endure and be enjoyed by the generations after ours.


MARIKINA River Photo September 28. Search and clearning operations after Ondoy ravaged much of Marikina, Cainta, Pasig, and pretty much all of the NCR. Spray-painted graffitti says it all.


Caught in a jam the previous night. Marcos Hi-way and many other roads still to be cleared. Priority remains rescue of still trapped victims. Photo Taken: afternoon of September 28, 2009.


The rise of flood level plateaued by 1:30pm despite the contnuous heavy rains. We were thankful as the flood stop short of entering our main door. We, including our neighbors who sought shelter, were safe.



More Photos of Ondoy's Marikina


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