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Green TV Program for the Philippines

The Philippine Star’s entertainment columnist, Mr. Ricardo Lo, announced the launch of a TV news and documentary show titled, 2009: Planet Philippines. You can catch it starting September 6, 2009 on GMA 7 at 10:30pm.

The host of the show is a Fr. Neri Satur Award recipient, Richard Gutierrez. It’s an award bestowed upon the so-called “environmental heroes” of the Philippines. The award is so-named from Fr. Neri Satur, a priest who died in Bukidnon, in the course of his fight against illegal loggers, protecting our forests. The actor was honored for his involvement in other nature-oriented shows, and for his reforestation / tree-planting activities.

2009: Planet Philippines will present how rich, diverse, and beautiful are natural environment is. It is hoped to inspire all Filipinos to care more and help in preserving this planet.

Any undertaking for sustainability and environmental protection should be supported and recognized. Do tell your friends about it.


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