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Green Magazine Gen G Finally Launched

The long wait for the Philippines' first ever green lifestyle magazine is finally over. Last night, ECHOstore and MediaG8way hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the official launching of Gen G.


Friends from the "green community" :  NGOs, media, organic producers, green product manufacturers, innovators, and other like-minded, common-hearted "green living advocates," most meeting for the first time, joined them in this milestone event.

To properly introduce the magazine, let's quote the Editor, Ms. Jeannie E. Javelosa:

"Gen G is about highlighting and pinpointing tips, ways to start you off on a healthier, cleaner, and sustainable lifestyle. From healthy and organic food products; health, wellness, and beauty products; the latest eco styles, the newest materials in the market to greening your space, tips and opinions on environmental issues; people, places and events that make the sustainable lifestyle the only way to go...

Gen G embodies a whole community of people who have stepped on the path of conscious, wholistic and integral living -- working towards inner wholeness and physical wellness, collaborating with communities towards helping societal plights of poverty and taking measurable steps to help solve environmental issues...

We want this magazine to energetically move you to become part of this growing sustainable lifestyle community."

The maiden issue introduces what Gen G is or who comprise Gen G. Most of us are familiar about the Gen X ans Gen Y generations. They are defined by their common characteristics and behaviors, predespositions brought about by certain historical, social, cultural events during and immediately prior to their time. Gen Gs have a lot in common too, however, Gen G differs in that this generation, so-called, is not defined by the year one was born. The commonalities are in the values, desires, mindsets, goals and in the willingness to take action.

"Gen G-ers want to live GREEN (recycle, reuse, reduce, plant and eat organic, cut down their carbon footprints, use renewable energy resources) as they understand and take responsibility for the plight of the environment."

"They live GOOD (help the poor, believe in socially responsible actions, and uplift marginalized groups through livelihood, microfinancing, and organization)."

They are GRATEFUL, GIVING and GENEOUS, GROOVY, GROUNDED and they believe in GOD (and GRACE).

Are you Gen G?

Let's all be one.

The magazine can be found on the stands by next week. Do subscribe. You may call (632) 812-8401 loc. 151 or email




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