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Green Light on Planet Philippines

Green light means "go" and it has to be so on the question of : "Should we watch the new TV documentary show, Planet Philippines?"

I saw the pilot episode late last night. Sadly, it is so deep in the night, my daughter couldn't keep awake for the entire show to finish. Her falling asleep has nothing to do with boredom (as is often attached to documentaries), because on the contrary, it kept me interested throughout, until midnight. Editing and cinematography may have something to do with it. They did justice to the sheen, artistry and majesty of the stars of Planet Philippines :the Philippines ecosystem. Yes, the star is not Richard Gutierrez, the host of the show. The writers and the director did right in giving just ample focus on the host; otherwise, the objective of the show would be defeated.

Credit should be given to Richard, a Fr. Neri Satur awardee, himself, as he dove deep into the every rigors of doing a wildlife show: literally diving under down the coral reefs, rapelling and crawling down dark, dingy, craggy caves, hiking miles and miles of mountain trails.

Richard Gutierrez spoke about our country being a Mega-biodiversity site: something to be proud of. He, however, also raised the alarm: the Philippines is also a biodiversity hotspot. This means the degradation or the decline of our environmental biodiversity is one of the fastest in the world.

The show's message was clearly told, in the moving pictures, in the sound, and in the narration. The Philippines is naturally a beauty to behold. It is home not just to us, Filipinos, but to thousands other animal and plant species, both named and yet unnamed, familiar and yet  undiscovered. Our "planet Philippines" need our care and protection. It is in the successful delivery of the message that the show makes high marks.

Go watch the future episodes.

I just hope there would be replays to allow kids to watch them, or they come up with VCD/DVD copies of them later.



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