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Green Issues in Philippine Magazines

Two more "green" issues are on the stands, presently. They are good "green" reads. The one on the left is Gen G magazine: the very first installment of the very first "green living" magazine in the Philippines. The one on the right is BizNews Asia Vol. 7 No. 21.


Why are they good "green" reads?

Gen G's maiden issue's title is "ENTER GENERATION G! The coming and subsequent rise of a new breed of consumers -- one that's looking at, and pushing for a sustainable lifestyle." Quite apt for, indeed, quietly and slowly, the number of Filipinos who are taking on “green” causes, and personally and socially-responsible choices is growing. They are taking on those causes and choices as a way of life, in the every day. They are the group that’s pushing us to the “green tipping point.”

Who are they? What do they do? What advice or tips can they give us? More questions and more answers are provided in the inside pages.

What’s inside? I’ll share the table of contents. Sadly, the magazine is displayed on the shelves wrapped in plastic. For those curious and interested, but undecided on trading their P125, you have to have your fingers crossed if it will be worth it.

I say it is worth it, but decide for yourself.

Pp. 34   The Coming Of Generation G
Pp. 6   It’s Easy Being Green by Ana Gloria
Pp. 10   Green Screen
Pp. 14   Teen Green by Bea Osmena
Pp. 18 Yoga 101 by Jeannie Javelosa
Pp. 21   Rediscovering Vitamin C by Lingling U. King
Pp. 23   Clean Face, Beautiful Face by Suzanne Jocson-Bangsil
Pp. 27   How Green Are Your Gadgets? By Eugene Azucena
Pp. Eco Facts That Are Not
Pp. Lory Tan, President/CEO, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Philippines
Pp. 50   Green and Fabulous -- P.A. Castro interviews Puey Quinones and Ulyssses King, Jr.
Pp. 56   The Enterprise Center: Eco Building
Pp. 16   Green Gourmand by Reena Francisco
Pp. 32   Organically Yours by Mara Pardo de Tavera
Pp. 42   Green Mythology by Maria Isabel Garcia
Pp. 55   Green Traveller by Mitzi Borromeo
Pp. 58   Green Enterprise by M.D. dela Cruz Tan
Pp. 59   Lush Talk by Arvin Yana
Pp. 64   Postscript by Chit Juan

There. See? It should be a good read.  Grab a copy and share to others. Spread what’s good in “green” living.

The second magazine, is partly political; but being mature readers, you can sift through to what are important and true. Truth in politics differs depending on what color (political) the lenses you’re looking through. The primary benefit you’d get out of this issue are the primers, FAQs on Climate Change and Global Warming.

Just a bit on politics, though -- allow me -- if you consider candidates for any post, include “environmental platform” as one of the factors you’d look at. It may not be the main factor, but it should be one of the many that you’d pore over. Candidates who value and support environmental causes:

>> know the importance of planning and preparing for the long term,
>> see the big picture, considers all angles
>> Know how to invest, that is give up certain comforts today for future benefits
In summary, they are endowed with wisdom.

The touted, “Green Senator” here, I’m sure, is not the only one who is working for sustainability efforts. Do find out. Let us know of the others and what their contributions are.

What’s inside that is “green”?

Pp. 6    Loren Legarda : The Green Senator
Pp. 24  The Greatest Development Challenge of Our Times by Loren Legarda
Pp. 28  SPECIAL REPORT: What GLOBAL WARMING Has Done and Is Doing
Pp. 34  CLIMATE CHANGE: The Greatest Challenge Facing Humanity
PP. 38  CLIMATE CHANGE is the Biggest Threat to the Philippines
Pp. 40  GLOBAL WARMING to Cut SEA Countries’ Growth

Enjoy your “green” reads!



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