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Pinoy Green Academy, recently, has been receiving invitations to "green" events and tips on what to blog on. The most recent one is an invitation for a drink -- a GREEN DRINK.


Pinoy Green Academy is pleased for 2 reasons: first, it means that there is an increasing number of green-geared activities, and second, it means that the community is growing. Both are sources of encouragement. The Green Tipping Point is not far off for the Philippines. True, last night I saw on TV a shampoo commercial by a multinational firm that trumpets on having "Natural" ingredients. How far into being "organic" and "green" will the major manufacturers go this time? It's exciting to see.

Back to the Green Drinks event. I got the email from a friend previously with the UNDP, Ms. Jennifer Navarro. It came from her network of NGO friends.

Here's the invitation:

"The Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM) and Green Drinks Manila are teaming up for an exciting Green Drinks Quezon City. Green Drinks ( is a monthly networking event for those involved and interested in anything green. It has been active in around 600 cities worldwide, and this time, the PRRM will host and co-organize the event to be held on September 25, 2009 at the PRRM National Headquarters, at 56 Mother Ignacia Ave., cor. Dr, Lazcano st., Quezon City.

One of the event's main attractions is an Organic Fair. The Fair will feature local and organic products. It will be open from 10 am to 8pm. In the evening of the same day is the Green Drinks QC at the PRRM Penthouse. There will be a number of exciting green things - launching of the bamboo bike; re-launching of the PRRM rooftop garden; exhibits of participating NGOs; live band; and of course, GREEN DRINKS! It will be a great time to mingle, relax, and have fun.

Tickets for the Green Drinks are available at Php 75 (entitles you to one free drink) and Php 100 (entitles you to two free drinks).

For queries, ticket reservations, and other concerns, you may contact Andee/Divine at 3724991 local 41 / 3724989 or Diane/May at 3724991 local 38 / 3764655. 

See you on the 25th of September at PRRM! :-) "

 I don't drink, but I'm green--- that should make me welcome there. See you there!


Dennis Morada

Hi Bryan,

I'm quite pleased with the development as well.

I will spread the word around about the Green Drinks event this Friday.

Thanks for organizing the gathering. I look forward to it.

Bryan Benitez McClelland

I'm very happy to see the Pinoy Green Movement is taking off, albeit slowly. I am the organizer of Green Drinks and I would like to let it be known that you do not have to be a drinker to attend Green Drinks. This event is open to all and everyone is welcome. There will be live music and an all day Organic Fair. Please pass the word to other Green-minded people that there is a place to network and enjoy this Friday at PRRM.

Best regards,
Bryan Benitez McClelland

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