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ECHOstore : A Reacquaintance Photo Blog

Since my first post on ECHOstore, which marked my first visit to the store, I and my family have been frequenting the place, enjoying the healthy food, shopping and making new discoveries each time.


Discoveries to be made, abound, though it's not a large store, relatively. Discoveries are in the often untold stories of things. Things sold there bear life, more than the chronology from birth to burial of things (what we term as LC or Life Cycle in environmental circles), the kind of story that move you, make you pause and think, make you emphatize, make you reconsider your own lifestyle, and more, make you  want to be a part of their causes. And the causes: they are many; because sadly, our ills are many.

This post is a reacquaintance blog because last night, I had a chance to finally meet the 3 owners, Chit Juan, Reena Francisco and Jeannie Javelosa. The relationship with ECHOstore is not just purely commercial, now it's more personal. They are now friends, part of my "green circle of friends".

Allow me to share these photos, taken on a relaxed Sunday afternoon:


bags made of hundreds of aluminum can tabs



folded, twirled, tied-together, old newspapers --- now a fashionable bag


crafted by women from the Correctional Institute








elixir of beauty: Anti- Cellulite and Anti Wrinkle


Here they are, Mom!  


don't throw your tarps away
they make a cute apron


the real reason why we go back there  : for a 4-yr old delectable green pasta!


Mom has her own reasons of going there (too many to mention : ) ) 



Dennis Morada

Yeah, sorry for disappearing so early; but that cute girl might fall asleep without hearing her bedtime story in time from her equally cute dad and mom, thus we had to rush.

Jeannie E. Javelosa

Your daughter in soooo cute. Hey it was great to meet you although we didnt even have time to chit chat! You seemed to disappear.

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