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There is gold in grass. This is what they discovered, hence they named their business, the Gold in Grass Corporation.


Gold in Grass has as its goal the uplifting of communities by way ofsustainable projects, and has done so while wisely utilizing our natural resources. Planting aromatic trees and herbs in denuded areas is a good way of regenerating the forests while also employing the locals.

The particular golden grass is lemongrass, now a veritable cashcrop. Due to their initial success, Gold in Grass Corporation now has farms in Sariaya, Quezon and in Lasam, Cagayan Valley. They also grow and harvest ylang-ylang, patchouli, pandan and citronella, as they have developed products utilizing them as main ingredients.

On the details of their products --- what they're made of, what they're for --- we've asked them to provide us some literature:

Why Lemongrass?

We chose lemongrass because it is indigenous to the country and pest infestations are not as a challenge compared to other plants. Although Cymbopogon Citratus flourishes almost effortlessly, we largely grow Cymbopogon Flexuosus because it has far higher citral content and has a two-year shelf life, compared to the latter’s six months

Lemongrass is also a known spice used almost indispensably in Philippine and Asian cuisines. The essential oil itself is mixed with carrier oils and used as second note to scent perfumes, body and massage oils, colognes, room fresheners... everything else that can be scented with its fresh lemony characteristic.

Locally known as Tanglad or Baraniw, it is recognized as a natural insect repellent, i.e. ward-off mosquitoes and animal fleas. Traditionally mixed with virgin coconut oil, it is applied on the skin and even on hair. This concoction not only moisturizes scalp, but regular fine-tooth combing, it can remove human head lice with in 14days.

GIGC organically produces lemongrass (Cymbopogon Flexuosus and Cymbopogon Citratus) and extract high quality essential oil and hydrosol using the distillation equipment designed by our very own Bienvenido Baligod. This equipment was among the top finalists during the 2003 Asian Innovation Awards.

Health Benefits:


Apart from its sweet citrus characteristic, organic lemongrass oil provides a lot of health benefits for the human body. Its properties include antiseptic, analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-depressant.

The oil induces relaxation, relieves the symptoms of jet lag, clears headaches and also aids in combating nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions as it is calming and refreshing.

Essential Oil

Diffusers for Aromatherapy

Air Freshener – in a piece of cotton, put two or three drops of lemongrass oil and place it in a room or in your bathroom.

Inhalation – add 1-9 drops of pure organic lemongrass oil to hot boiling water and inhale the steam by covering your head with a towel to stop the steam from escaping.

– Pour a drop of lemongrass oil into a tissue and put under your pillow cover for a very peaceful and relaxed sleep. This can be useful in treating headaches, stress, and tension.

Spice – GIGC lemongrass oil is food grade, it is safe to use as food flavor when cooking or baking.

Massage or body oil

– when combine with authetic virgin coconut oil (VCO), it will be absorbed by the skin within 10mins from applying just the right amount. it leaves the skin touchably soft even after washing.

Hydrosol (ph level: 4.1 to 3.9)

Food Supplement – Take 1-2 tablespoons, up to 3 times a day, pure or mixed with juice, water, tea or coffee (preferably hot).

Controls hypertension by thinning the blood and lowers cholesterol.
It alleviates fever and clears clogged pores thru sweating.
Improves strangury or difficulty in urinating.
Relieves dysmenorrhea, sore throat, colds and fever.
All these WITHOUT adversely affecting kidneys and liver.

Beverage Enhancer

– Add a teaspoon of organic lemongrass hydrosol to a cup of coffee, tea, a tablespoon to an 8ounce glass of juice, soda, water, liquor or brandy to enhance flavor and aroma.

Culinary – Add 3 to 4 tablespoon for every liter of soup to remove undesirable odor of ducks, chicken, pork, seashells and fishes. May also be used in marinating.

Topical – Gentle cleanser for sores and wounds. Cures scabies in humans and flea-repellent for sensitive pets like cats, birds and dogs.

Cosmetics – A refreshing skin care toner to control oil, regularize pore size and reduce acne and blackheads. It is also a great hair rinse, hydrating mist or as a gentle aftershave. Subtle and natural perfume for children and as wet wipes for hands and face when sprit zed on tissue.

Mouthwash –

After brushing your teeth, gurgle a mouthful of organic lemongrass hydrosol. Leave it in your mouth for a minute. Don’t drink or eat anything within 30-minutes after mouth washing to make the gurgle more effective.


Our product is unadulterated and is a natural essential oil. In it's pure form, it will cause redness, itchiness and burning sensation upon contact to skin. Should it occur, wash thoroughly with running water and soap for 15mins. Seek medical attention if necessary.

Essential oils are diluted, forming 1-10% of a mixture. Rarely is it used beyond 10%.

Be mindful that like any other product, ensure that your are not allergic to lemongrass before using.



ESSENCIA Pure Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil - Unadulterated lemongrass essential oil.


ESSENCIA Pure Organic Lemongrass Hydrosol - Unadulterated lemongrass water distillate.

Highly diuretic. NOT FOR PREGNANT and or EXPECTING  WOMEN.


ESSENCIA Massage oil - Contains virgin coconut oil (VCO) and pure organic lemongrass essential oil only


ESSENCIA Aromatic Soaps - Contains no animal fat. With it's herbal composition it will create lesser lather compared to those commercially produced. Lemongrass tones skin by effectively reducing pore sizes and controls oil.


ESSENCIA Spa Professional Hair Care - Contains no formaldehyde. Can reduce fungus-caused dandruff and make hair color stay longer with regular use.


ESSENCIA Spa Professional Foot Care - Contains no formaldehyde. Can prevent and/or remove athlete’s foot with regular use, as lemongrass is known for its anti-fungal properties.


ESSENCIA Body Care - Pamper your body. Cleans, tones your skin leaving it moisturized. Then relax with the scent of lemongrass exploding all over the room.


ESSENCIA Room & Car Spray - Made of ethyl alcohol (from sugar cane) and organic lemongrass essential oil.



Bonifacio Global City

    Serendra, Fort Bonifacio
    (front of Market Market)

Market-Market     NC Filmade Store
        Ground Floor Gift Market Hall
    Bonifacio Global City
        Tel (632) 497 4972

Quezon City    Organic Producers & Traders Association
    No. 54 Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights, Q. C.
    Tel (+632) 436 3615


    Ms. Carol Salido
    Caring Enterprises, Kubo Grande 8
    Philcoa Entrance, Quezon City Circle

Pampanga    Ms. Aletha P. Soliman, Health Educator
        Block 14, Lot 19 St. Aleth St., St. Jude Village
        San Fernando City, Pampanga
        Tel 045 961 5335

Cory Quirino’s World of Wellness Stores (Botanics brand) 
located at:
        V-Mall, Greenhills, San Juan City Tel (+632) 376 4535
        Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
        Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan  

Cebu & Boracay: Tropical Souvenirs Int’l
    Warehouse 2 Sabalex Compound Diamond St. Cebu City  
    Tel(+6332) 231-4841

Baguio: JJJ Internet Resources
    Center # 24 Dulalia St. Assumption Rd Baguio City
    Tel(+6374) 619-1974

Baguio: WEDO Facial Center and Spa
    4F Porta Varga Comm’l Center Session Rd. Baguio City
    Tel(+6374) 304-1876 / 446-9498

Pangasinan: WEDO Facial Center and Spa
    2F Nepo Mall, Arellano St. Dagupan City


Main Office     

14 Gladiola St., Sampaguita Village, San Pedro, Laguna
Tel (+ 632) 808 4987


Unit S – 9, Gallery Building, Amorsolo St. Legaspi Vil. Makati City,
        Tel  (+ 632) 970 0618
Mobile (+63) 917 526 6673


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