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13 August 2009


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And we palm oil vs butter used palm kernel expellers in the Indonesian part of the ship's visit. To combat the threat posed to these issues, the beautiful building centered on love. One of them, and we started to turn pink, shove everything to just gather in the world's total.

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And here we electricity 50 cycles have Y, and here we have a high generation of Distributed Energy Sources, mainly renewables we can use active demand to increase the consumption of the consumers.

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In saudi arabia Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat, the three most important places that form the pilgrim path, there are strict dress codes for men and women journey to the hallowed sanctuary. He also said it was impossible to put a price tag on how much it values the saudi arabia holy city of Mina - part of the dress code and state of Ihram. The footwear should be below the ankle and men saudi arabia must not cover their heads while they are in a state of worship.


Nice and very artistic design. good job on the artist!


this is a great contribution to rejuvenating the earth that's our home. very educational, non-radical and it's really an effective way to influence the younger generation because of the virtues it imparts.

Dennis Morada

Hi Kit,

Yeah. Most things about GREEN LIVING, I'm slowly discovering is about going back to the basics--what are simple, what are easy, what we know, what we're at home with. GREEN LVING is not difficult to take up at all. It's fun and the learning curve is a wheee of a slide!

Kit Garcia

Board games which make sense are rare these days. But this one teaches a valuable lesson to kids and adults alike. And I do love the way we are forced to interact. My son spends hours and hours on computer games which he leaves for every game we could play as a family. This is a learning experience for my whole family and really a great way to have fun with each other.

dennis morada

Yeah, thanks for looking through my posts. Next, I'd go around, and blog about places to bring kids where they can learn more and be brought closer to nature. Since, I'm homeschooling, those will be our exposure trips.

Where should I go? There's La Mesa Ecopark, Ocean Park Manila, Zoobic Safari, Avilon Zoo, Pugad Lawin Adventure Park. Any place you guys can suggest?

joy borlaza

Thanks to your blog I too now have a new and value filled game to introduce to my nieces and nephews whom I can teach about the green way of living in our planet. For quite some time now I have been weary of seeing them so addicted to computer warfare games which I really find violent and destructive in a way. Congratulations and more power to you! God bless our advocacy!

Dennis Morada

The thanks are coming from the kids, and kids-at-heart, who are enjoying and learning about nature from the game.

aurora m deleon

Thank you for having the game I created, Pinoy Ecology Game in your website, and thank you for giving it a chance to be known by children most of all the parents to see to it that their children will learn the :"green way "of living in this planet. We only can do so much, and most of what we do today will be worth so much tomorrow.
Again, congratulations on your blog. It makes me feel better by people like you. Lets continue our advocacy.

A Deleon
pinoy ecology game

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