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Welcome to the Pinoy Green Academy!

My name is Dennis Morada and I, like most of those who would be following this blog, am a student of green living and green building and design.



I am a Civil Engineer who took up MBA units from U.P. and the Ateneo. I taught foundational computer programming and multimedia arts to college students; and art classes to grade school kids. Except for 3 years spent running my own website and multimedia design company, I worked for various real estate and engineering companies: Davis Langdon & Seah, Ayala Land-LPHI, DMCI, Extraordinary Development Corporation, Filinvest Alabang, Inc., and Excore.

That’s who I am: a builder, a student, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a manager, and now, a green advocate.


I am a reading addict. It‘s my only vice in life---reading everything that catches my fancy at the moment: comic books, classic literature, fiction, business management books, trade and various interest magazines, and of course, blogs. I’ll push that addiction here in this blog; I’ll share what I have read and learned. I could only share snippets, though. Perhaps it’s to whet your appetite, tickle your interest; but it’s mainly to honor the various authors’ rights to their creations. I won’t get payments in writing about anybody’s work. Their getting mentioned here is their reward for writing good material and contributing to the growing green knowledge.

My creative passions are sketching, painting in watercolor and writing poetic literature. I wish I could do more of those again, soon. My frustrations in life, if there should be any, include not being to play professional basketball, and carry even a simple tune.


“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify you Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:1-16


Dennis Morada

Hi Mai,

Thanks for the interest in the advocacy-blog. Thanks to our friends in GenG and ECHOstore.

I'll be happy to do the interview. It's OK to have it online; just email me the questions and I'll respond within the day. Anyway, I'm sure we'll have a chance to meet personally later, in one of the "green gatherings" so I could say 'thanks'.

A greener, healthier and happier earth to you!

Mai Somera

Hi, Dennis! My name is Mai Somera and I'm a volunteer writer for Echostore and Gen G Magazine. I met Jeannie Javelosa over a week ago and she told me about you and your blog. I would like to write a feature article about you and the work that you do, so will it be possible for me to meet you for an interview? If not, can we do it online? Hope To hear from you soon! (:

Pinoy Green Blogger

I started this blog to seek answers to a similar quiz. Information, standards, regulations -- these are not yet ready or not readily available, especially, if they pertain to the Philippines.

I have done my research and continue on my own learning journey. Do join me. If you have specific questions, post them; and we'll help each other out.



We're on a search for affordable, hence, market-feasible technologies and materials for green or earth-friendly houses. So far, our search here in the Philippines, has been futile and so far, difficult.

I hope you'd have something useful soon.

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