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Pinoy Green Blogger Joins Digital Daddy Blog Contest

In my first blog posts, I stated why Pinoy Green Academy was put up. It has to do with life change: the desire to do something beneficial to the earth, the world that my child, our children, would inherit. There are other good things I hope to gain from this blog and my other internet-related ventures. Read through my entry to the Awesome Planet's Digital Daddy Blog Contest. I hope you'd get a better glimpse of the green daddy in me.



HTML (How Technology Moves Lives)


That girl, Whois my child is a gif downloaded from above. She is the applet of my eyes. There’s none like her in the entire World Wide Web --- Unix and truly special! “URL (you are loved)”, I’d tell her, “with unlimited bandwidth“.

“Youtube POP,” she’d reply. “Yahoo! GoDaddy!” she‘d cheer. “How tweet she is,” Friends ter us. She is tweet, true, Tweeter than honey Multiply’d by candy.

How Quicktime it is. Not long ago, she was just a pixel, a chip, a Flickr. Motherboard be proud. How she’s grown!

For her I pray, a God-blessed-future.com, filled with HTTP (Hope Truth Thankfulness Peace).


Faith is 4 years old and has just started school. She’s enrolled, I would think, in the best school there is for her: the dad and mom nursery--- our home school! Yes, we are her teachers. We teach her, her ABCs and 123s, her rhymes and songs, poems and prayers, sports and dances, and faith and values. Most importantly, we do everything with much love, concern and dedication, in a way other teachers will never ever be able to match.

Time is the prime investment. I had to give up my 8 to 5 job; and instead, looked to the internet for the alternative source of income. I blog, I sell on line, and I help others with their website projects. Additionally, I teach technology in colleges.

My blog is only secondarily a source of income, it is an advocacy blog. I meant it as my legacy to my child and all the children of this world:

that I may leave them a greener, healthier and happier world

that I may teach them good values

that I may set a good example in living a principled life.

I make my living now, and am trying in my own little way, to make our lives all the better; and because of technology, because of the internet all these have become possible. How Technology Moves Lives (HTML), indeed.


UPDATE:  This blog won 2nd place! Yehey! Yahoo! GoDaddy!



“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord.” Jeremiah 17:7


dennis morada

Thanks, Raph.

I visited your site as well. Great body of work. Push on with your advocacies.

Raphnexx  Community Organizer

I just Loved your Blog and it made me think of some things like having a kid or family.It's inspiring like reading a story from a bible.Keep it up.

Mark A

Anyone can say what they think about daddy's little girl and I think that they're simply the most beautiful things in the world.Don't believe me? Just ask my daughter.

Gerard Vengco


This is very funny and inspiring!


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