Confession of the Green Minded Blogger
Arch. Palafox Drawing the City BluePrint in Green

What Everyone Should Know on the First Day

Where is the bathroom? What time is the recess? Who’s the pretty girl, and why does she keep on glancing my way? So many thoughts, some much like these, ran in our minds in our first day of school. As a bit of orientation, I, thus, blog:

The Academy of Plato of centuries past was a gathering of learned men that continued to learn through sharing of what one knows and what one wants to know. Humility, respect and generosity are traits as valuable as intelligence in this learning forum. Join me as I try to contribute to the body of knowledge I deem so essential to the continuance of life ---good, green and abundant---as it was meant to be

Much of what I’d write about in the beginning of this blog’s life are what I could readily gather from readily available sources: the internet and books and various print media. As time and opportunity would allow, I’ll interview resource people and visit project sites of interest.

Much of what I’d want to learn about are:

  • Background and history of the Green movement, culture, and architecture in the Philippines; and where it is heading
  • Practical and proven ways to being Green -- be it in the Pinoy’s daily living or in businesses
  • Methods and materials used in other countries which may somehow find an equivalent here

Aside from pure learning, other OBJECTIVES for putting up this blog are:

  • To support other Green advocates’ pursuits
  • To encourage and inspire the Pinoy to think and live Green
  • To recognize and honor our accomplished Green colleagues

Isaac Newton: Pigmaei gigantum humeris impositi plusquam ipsi gigantes vident--- I’ll stand on many giants’ shoulders. I’ll reference from many brilliant works of others: other blogs or websites, books and other printed articles. As a matter of policy and principle, all sources will be acknowledged, and if possible, linked back to.

Aside from strictly honoring authorship rights or copyright, other POLICIES and PRINCIPLES this blog will follow are:

  • It’ll be more POSITIVE than critical. I aim to encourage. I aim to highlight the good, not only the perfect (which should be rare)
  • It’ll be HONEST and IMPARTIAL. Paid announcements, ads, and advertorials will be marked as such.
  • It’ll edit out comments that do not relate to referred blog posts or that which are plain disrespectful

The blog site should be organized and reader friendly enough. One may explore around to familiarize themselves with the navigation. The recess? One may take a break any time. The bathroom? Sorry, no bathrooms, installed online. The pretty girl? Imagination abounds and should fill up all the pages of this blog.


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